Interface Type: Well, to be honest there are not a lot of low profile mechanical keyboards out there, but then also I have listed the best ones that you can buy for your gaming and typing needs. The charging time for battery is around 3 hours and Bluetooth range is around 8m, which I think is pretty decent.

Excellent feedback on key press High build quality for both body and key caps Has multiple options NKRO accepts all key press Front printing labels on keys. The keys are mounted on a solid metal plate that gives the keyboard rigidity and makes it sturdy.

Even setting aside the main feature and selling point which is analog input in games, you are still left with a great keyboard with a great utility software and a silky smooth typing experience, well worth the price and should definitely be on the top of any ones wish list if they are in the market for a new keyboard. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or the newbiest of mechanical keyboard users, we offer both fully customizable and pre-built models to fit your needs. There is only a white Mini Choc switch available at the moment that is clicky and has actuation force of 50gf.