Clash Blaster Neo. For a new mission, Optimus selected Ironhide and Warpath , and the team ventured to the entrance of the core, where a corrupted Omega Supreme was being tortured.

Throughout the Age of Wrath , Orion Pax continued to work in the Hall of Records, but like many other Cybertronians he chafed under the Quintesson's increasingly oppressive rule and their vicious, circus-like courts that dispensed a twisted brand of justice. Blaster Custom. Splatterscope Firefin , Kensa.

Can strike using a homing attack similar to Sonic's. Optimus Prime and the Autobots detected a massive asteroid of Dark Energon headed towards Earth, and used the GroundBridge to intercept the Decepticons aboard the Nemesis as they tried to retrieve the asteroid. Smokescreen was hit hard by the failure, and Optimus told the other Autobots to allow the upset rookie space.