It also has a number of negative side effects, as shown in Figure 8. Besides the time saved on gathering fuelwood, the time spent cooking is greatly reduced with biogas. This can be used as a soil conditioner or as a substrate for culturing mushrooms or earthworms.

This project has been running since January and has brought together private actors, policymakers, local citizens and farmers… successfully demonstrating that very concrete steps can be taken at a local level towards a sustainable future and a local bioeconomy. We are extremely proud of our plant and operate an open door policy to use our integrated visitors centre to provide access to local groups, schools and academic researchers.

Under ideal conditions, a 10 m 3 digester can supply enough gas for cooking and lighting for a family of five. This has serious environmental consequences, such as deforestation, reduced soil fertility, erosion, and even localized desertification. This is not only because of the time spent starting and feeding a fire versus simply turning on the gas valve, but also because of the better heat efficiency.