Some actions may risk getting wound and eventual death, or getting zombie bite which could spread further or heal by chance unless you kill the victim off. Each decision carries profound impacts, many card combinations to be explored because 5 out of 8 card families are played in each game; Elysium board game offers you plenty of strategic endeavours.

Water current may also push them through - for better or worse. David Parlett Description: Which dice would you keep?

The world is unfair that the Dalmuti who wins the round gets to tax the pitiful Peon and starts the next round, but the harsh Dalmuti may get the shoddy treatment if the Peon chance upon a revolution and swop the position. Tower of Babel Expansion allows players to build a section of the mystical building which introduces certain rules governing all players until that section is laid over by the next level of the building; The Grand Project Expansion requires players to contribute resources for a common project during each age of the game.