Wargame Patches, Scenarios For Hosting. The prototype was shipped to Great Britain for evaluation at the beginning of , and was approved in March for mass production, under the name of Sexton another episcopal reference.

Protection against kinetic energy penetrators and high explosive anti-tank HEAT shells fired by other tanks is of primary importance, but tank armour also aims to protect against infantry mortars , grenades , rocket-propelled grenades , anti-tank guided missiles , anti-tank mines , anti-tank rifles , bombs , direct artillery hits, and less often nuclear, biological and chemical threats, any of which could disable or destroy a tank or its crew. Welcome Panzer Generals!

Nahuel TAM. A long time ago circa in a galaxy far away near Stoke on Trent a small band of rebels met to overthrow the evil Empire and incidentally throw a whole load of paintballs at each other. Since the Second World War, the economics of tank production governed by the complexity of manufacture and cost, and the impact of a given tank design on logistics and field maintenance capabilities, have also been accepted as important in determining how many tanks a nation can afford to field in its force structure.