Sword in hand, Perry led marines in a crucial charge that carried the day. He also never said much about his service during WW2 and came back home deaf in one ear.

For them it shifted the momentum of the war in their favor. The following year, during a night of heavy fog, Revenge grounded on Watch Hill Reef offshore from his native Rhode Island and was soon demolished by the pounding surf. She was attacked first by shells, then was struck by a torpedo launched long before.

Joseph Rochefort's cryptanalytic team in Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii decrypted an intercepted Japanese Navy radio message noting that engineering units were en route to Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands to construct an airfield. Many of us do not have a good command of English as chronic as interesting reading, and lose much by it. Meanwhile, another attack against Hill 67, initially penetrating into the American line, was eventually driven back by US Marines.