Jetzt aufrufen. What should be done if the Russians or their Eastern European allies invade?

The previously secret documents reveal the existence of a coalition of approximately 2, former officers -- veterans of the Nazi-era Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS -- who decided to put together an army in postwar Germany in They included businesspeople, sales representatives, a coal merchant, a criminal lawyer, an attorney, a technical instructor and even a mayor.

If there was ignorance on the matter, it was only because no one wanted to know -- not Gehlen, not Adenauer, not Globke and presumably many others as well. As the grandson of German Jews who prospered for years in Germany, fought in the Franco Prussian wars and WW i, and emigrated at the right time,I fail to see why this emergency military measure should attract any negative press. Schnez was born in and served as a colonel in World War II before ascending the ranks of the Bundeswehr, which was founded in