Timed printing tests by two newspapers have proved that, with the help of these two pages of special instructions, a newspaper can paste up and photograph all pages of the KFM instructions, print a page tabloid giving them, and start distributing the tabloid-all in less than one hour. Whose job was it to clean that thing, and are they okay? Many hundreds of KFMs have been made by untrained people, ranging from members of junior high school science classes to grandmothers making them for their children and grandchildren.

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If all of the materials, including those for a dry-bucket, have to be purchased, their total cost in is less than seventeen dollars. A prudent owner of even an excellent dose rate meter would do well to make and learn to use a KFM, the dependable homemakeable fallout meter briefly described later in this chapter, with complete instructions for making and using it given in Appendix C.