Because the Jim Crow segregation systems, used for maintaining white dominance, had become no socially acceptable, the logical solution was to start using Edwards Bernays well proven mass manipulating propaganda campaigns against Black populations. Friday, May 24, It's time for another group of screenshots, highlighting some unique features and mechanics. There are lots of misinformation and false ideologies about the plight and condition of Black people that have been deliberated created by white oppressive forces and spread throughout our communities.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is back with a new expansion! The U.

Be aware of these many false ideologies biblical prophecies, slave syndrome, and non- African claims that masquerades themselves as being liberating truths but actually deepens your mental enslavement. This therefore required taking control of the mainstream media. When groups in power want to suppress or to exploit its minority group they do so by portraying that group as a fearsome enemy or a major problem of the society through lies and manufactured news items.