In this article, we will introduce some of the currently active threats, try to determine how they reach devices and, finally, discuss WhatsApp virus removal options. In January , users are again promised new features new emojis, video calling, and similar if they download a so-called premium service, which in reality would upload malware onto the device.

Last year, University of California researcher Tobias Boalter detected a backdoor which enabled unauthorized and unmonitored access to the app. However, the recent shocking discovery made by security experts reports about a severe WhatsApp virus vulnerability which helps hackers to install the Pegasus spyware [1] and access users' camera, microphone, emails, messages, and other private data. WhatsApp update message virus in Android phones Posted by admin on December 26,

However, this minor change is hard to detect for ordinary users. In some cases, it might be enough to eliminate the parasite using antivirus software such as Reimage , while for the elimination of other malware, you should be prepared to work a bit harder.