Jasper, who finds his worried facial expression cute, takes a picture of him with his phone and edits it into an image macro. When Buttercream attends an underground bunny race with Vinnie and Sunil, the starting bell has a hypnotic affect on her, turning her into a competitive brute named Flash McCarrot.

The actresses playing Blythe and Minka and actors playing Russell and Vinnie come to the store to study their subjects. Zoe's story of an under-catered event falls flat.

Archived from the original on April 8, The pets are driven to madness trying to identify a hum resonating from inside the shop, while Blythe runs for class president against the Biskits. On nail-clipping day at the day camp, Sunil becomes anxious about being clipped and cowers in fear in front of Blythe's friends.