If your work outs are effective you may not actually see any loss of weight for some time because your fat could be turning into muscle. The specialist may want to follow your progress, monitoring your BMI and ensuring that the right steps are being taken to achieve your goals effectively. That is not to say that it is not possible to have a clean bill of health according to your doctor even if you have a high BMI.

Hopefully, knowing this will help her to develop a better self-image despite the number that is shown on the scale. As it progresses, anorexia causes a host of physical symptoms. This is true especially if you are lifting weights as well.

Do not let yourself get stuck in the state of mind that you need to weigh or lose the same amount of weight as someone else. After calculating your BMI you can begin to make conscious choices about your physical activity and diet. That is why staying healthy can keep your health insurance premiums low and also prevents some future health problems.