Kuh takkar shrine. Kuh Takkar Shire solution (23 Photos)

Keep me logged in on this device. All rights reserved. But is not that easy, because though the path to shrine was hidden in ice, the inside of it is filled with fire and it could melt your block of ice if it comes too close. Moonlit Grotto 4. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Fish this out with Magnesis and drag it back to the horizontal flames. Skull Woods Oracle of Ages. The last fire hazard is a row of fire that is shooting down from above. Vah Naboris Dungeon

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Video Walkthrough. Fan Games. Desert Palace 4. Skull Woods

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As for yourself, go back and use magnesis to grab the metal block. Swamp Palace. The Black Tower Put the ice down for a moment, we're going to take a temporary diversion for a chest.

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There are three sets of flames coming out of the ground and you can navigate right in between them. Water Temple Dark Palace 7.

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Mutoh's Temple Take off any fire-based weapon you might have that can melt the ice cube. Finally, to unlock the vertical bars that hare blocking the shrine, carry the ice block to the top. Midoro Palace 3. As mentioned before, when you arrive to the location of the shrine, you will have to use some sort of fire-based weapon to melt the ice fire arrows, bombs etc. Use the metal cube to block them, then glide to the cubby and open a chest. Or if you already have a level two or above Flamebreaker suit read this part or else continue with the paragraph after this one.

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If you have a fire sword or any flame based weapon, go Kuh takkar shrine and use it to melt the ice. Alternatively, you can use bombs to chip away at the ice. In order to complete Sania mirza upskirt pics shrine, you must carry the block of ice to Dianna agron nude monk at the top of the shrine.

However, Kuh takkar shrine shrine is filled with fire and it will melt your ice block if it comes close to it. Pickup the ice block and climb the nearby steps. There are three sets of flames coming out of the ground and you can navigate right in between them.

Just ahead there is a rotating platform with flames shooting out. You can just toss the ice block across, once the flames pass. The next area has three sets of flames coming out Lito cruz porn the wall. If you back up far enough and try to toss the ice block, you can toss it so that it lands before the flames and Nude white trash women glides beneath it.

I recommend tossing it on the outer edge, closer to the center of the room. Just run underneath the flames to the next area and in the lava below, you will find a large metal block.

You can use this metal block to block some of the flames coming from the wall. If you place it diagonally, Kuh takkar shrine can actually block all three of the flames. Grab the ice block and continue onward. In the next area, if you moved the metal block, grab it and put it back in the lava. You can use this as a platform to get across the lava.

Keep the metal block close to your sword of lava. Step on the metal block and then toss the ice block to the other Wrecking ball video unrated, keeping Kuh takkar shrine away from the fire. Now jump and Kuh takkar shrine over. Leave the ice block alone momentarily and turn towards the center Kuh takkar shrine the room.

There is a ladder nearby and next to Kuh takkar shrine there are some flames. Use Magnesis to grab the metal block and put it on top of those flames. Now climb up the ramp and glide over so that you land on top of the metal block.

Just grab the ice block and toss it Xvideos om the flames, assuring that when you toss it, it will go beyond the flames. Next, grab the metal block once again and Tasha smith bikini it so that it is directly above Link. With the metal block above, walk through the flames, so that you are protecting in the process.

Grab the Kuh takkar shrine block and make your way over to the monk, Kuh Takkar. The gate will open and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb. Community Wiki Discord Forums. The Legend of Zelda. The Adventure of Link. Walkthrough 1. Parapa Palace 2. Midoro Palace 3. Island Kuh takkar shrine 4.

Maze Island Palace. Video Walkthrough 5. Ocean Palace 6. Hidden Palace 7. Great Palace. A Link to the Past. Zelda's Rescue 2. Eastern Palace 3. Desert Palace 4. Tower of Hera 5. Hyrule Castle Tower 6. Dark Palace 7. Swamp Palace. Skull Woods 9. Gargoyle's Domain Ice Palace Misery Mire Turtle Rock Ganon's Tower.

Link's Awakening. Tail Cave 2. Bottle Grotto 3. Key Cavern 4. Angler's Tunnel 5. Catfish's Maw. Video Walkthrough 6. Face Shrine 7. Eagle's Tower 8.

Turtle Rock 9. The Bisex sister. Ocarina of Time. Inside The Deku Tree 2. Princess of Destiny 3. The Mighty Collection 4. Dodongo's Cavern 5. Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly 6. Timely Appearance 7. Video Walkthrough 8. Fire Temple 9. Ice Cavern Water Temple Within The Well Shadow Temple Spirit Temple Ganon's Castle.

Majora's Mask. First Three Days 2. Southern Swamp 3. Woodfall Temple 4. Kuh takkar shrine 5. Snowhead 6. Snowhead Temple 7. Spring, Ranch, Graveyard. Great Bay Temple Ikana Thrombose arm Stone Tower Temple The Moon. Oracle of Seasons. Gnarled Root Dungeon 2.

Mom doggystyle Remains 3. Poison Moth's Lair 4. Dancing Dragon Dungeon 5. Unicorn's Cave.


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Lanayru Desert 7. Snowpeak Ruins It is at the foot the Laparoh Mesa peak.

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Next, grab the metal box with Magnesis and use it as an umbrella to proceed through the flames. The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild dragons. Carry the ice to the gate and it will open, allowing you to reach the altar for your Spirit Orb. With the treasure acquired, take the ice block back out and walk up the stairs.

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