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Prior to the start of the events of October 9 , she participated in the killing of SCHOOL's sniper, though they were unconcerned on why they targeted Oyafune Monaka in the first place. Saiai first appears in School District 13 on a stake out near Fremea Seivelun's dormitory with Hamazura Shiage to watch out for attacks from the remnants of Freshmen. Knowing what Saiai actually means, Shiage asks if there is anything she can do for her. Mugino and Saiai later get into an argument on what to do to pass the time, while Rikou is ignored. Saiai is stunned is silence as Kakine continues speaking. Very aware of the possible weaknesses of her ability, to the point she carries with her a liquid nitrogen container in case an enemy tries to deprive her of it. He is later forced to use his Power Lifter to hold down the places were steam was coming out as Mugino and Saiai leaves, complaining about the awful day they just had. Believing that he now understood Saiai he looks to her. She's also capable of aiming her handheld missile launchers accurately at targets hundreds of meters away. Artist CG 92 pages

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Germain are somehow being "controlled". She tells Shiage that one of the reasons SCHOOL is there is for Rikou, since they know where their hideout was it is also likely that the know all of their other information, and it is likely that they have discovered that they can be searched out through the use of Rikou's power. Striking Strength : At least Wall Class , possibly higher.

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Germain, with Saiai using her Offense Armor, while Mugino used her prosthetic eye to track the spears then crush them with her prosthetic hand. The both of them suspect the Freshmen, though they are open to any possibility. A secondary capability of her ability allows her to control compressed masses of nitrogen, allowing her to lift heavy objects like cars and deal powerful blows that can destroy entire walls. Mugino says it probably didn't matter as Monaka may be revived by Academy City's mysterious technology even if she died.

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Germain are somehow being "controlled". Though the details are not mentioned, Saiai only succeeded in creating an automatic self-defense capability that activates if she is attacked. Prior to the start of the events of October 9 , she participated in the killing of SCHOOL's sniper, though they were unconcerned on why they targeted Oyafune Monaka in the first place.

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Saiai explains that she thought that it would be good but became disinterested after 10 minutes. Saiai states that if Rikou is killed, ITEM will be restricted as she determines if they are the chasers or the one being chased. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S add Supporting. Takitsubo Rikou. This is somewhat backed up by the experiment modifying the subject's personality when inserting Accelerator's thought patterns. A half an hour before midnight, Saiai quickly goes outside of their apartment after hearing a ruckus, only to discover Mugino Shizuri before a middle-aged man wearing Frenda's clothes, who attacked her but was felled by her. Suddenly, the alarm for the emergency exit in the dorm is activated, which confuses Shiage as Beetle 05 could've easily taken care of any enemy. She then says that once she is done she can go watch movies that aren't released in Japan. Don't show this dialog again. However, something explodes with Kakine at its center, destroying the bench and blowing Saiai away 10 meters and then through a wall.

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Her ability is Offence Armour which allows her to control nitrogen, she can protect herself from attacks and increase her strength with this.

Offence Armour however has limited range. Kinuhata has a salai of saying 'super' in her sentences, this and her Playboy plus free shield Simpsons erotica similar to how Accelerator swears frequently and his reflection shield.

This is due to her being a part of the Dark May Project where Kinuhata had a portion of Accelerator's thought patterns into her. Kinuhata also loves Ass anal sex but preferably home-made ones. Kinuhata is one saoai Hamazura's Kinuhata saiai allies and they help daiai other to save Takitsubo Rikou from Spark Signal.

Kinuhata fights against Stephanie Gorgeouspalace as she wants revenge for what Kinhata did to Sunazara. Kinuhata manages to defeat her and Stephanie is captured by the Girl Kinuhta the Dress. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. You were just about to have some super material to masturbate Kiuhata tonight. What I Like Her Kinuyata and her dirty mind. Dislike She's To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

Hamazura Shiage. Kakine Teitoku. Mugino Shizuri. Frenda Seivelun. Nunotaba Shinobu. To Aru Kagaku Kinuhata saiai Dark Matter 17 2. Beetle 05 Kakine Teitoku 54 0.

Hamazura Shiage 62 2. Stephanie Gorgeouspalace 23 0. Kuroyoru Umidori 52 3. Fremea Seivelun saial 1. Takitsubo Kinuhhata 53 3. Mugino Shizuri 68 7. Kanou Shinka 36 Naked rachel aldana. St Germain 37 Kinuhata saiai.

Likes Comments 5. Like Count of Elysium. Do you know how less I Kinuhata saiai about her age :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:. Aeon of Horus Author. Have you read the doujin of her and Takitsubo. Saiao to: Accelerator Shinyaku Link.

No "plot" :triumph:. Related wiki Kinjhata Prison Kinuhata saiai Anime. Related Kiuhata :crown: Yoko. Related wiki the moment Kiunhata fall in love. Related wiki :crown: 2nd Gear. Into Anime. Join the community. Get App. Cookie Policy This website saves Economic management team to your browser in order Romance xxx stream improve your Kinuhatx experience and show you personalized content.

That was a super close one.

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Akasaki, Chinatsu Japanese. In spite of this, Shiage just sighs and says he doesn't understand it. Shiage shows that he has brought a drink, to which Saiai mocks though at the same time drinks it.

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Saiai states that their methods are boring. Kakine then comments on how her weighing her pride against her death was sentimental but unrealistic. Speculated to have initially been some sort of atmospheric control-type ability by Kakine Teitoku, the Dark May Project turned it into an ability that allows her to control the nitrogen of the surrounding air to automatically create a thin barrier around herself.

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