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Vandalism and spam won't be tolerated. Bolbi Stroganovsky. Carl Wheezer. The Right Page by AuroraJames04 reviews She smiled that fake smile that he suddenly realized he hated. So don't bother by changing the order, if you do, you will be suspended. He has a disproportionately large forehead, blue eyes, and brown hair in a swirly cowlick. Terms of Service. Jimmy's Unveiling by LuanMarieLoud Jimmy Neutron discovers a hobby which this is a dance made for the first time shown years ago: belly dance. Batman: The Brave and the Bold 1. All Chapters are Rated T unless specified otherwise.

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He also wears his light blue lab coat with the same neutron symbol on the back and sometimes his welding mask during his course of lab work. Legend of Korra 2. With so little resources and places to go, it is up to the desolate Toon Force to return and put a permanent end to the Toon Wars once and for all; all while uncovering the truth behind the war and the many secrets of their very existence. Invader Zim 1.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Happy Holidays by Sara08 reviews Rina and her friends are on the holiday season from the school for Merry Christmas and New Year's Day while they're hanging out and parties at the park. Yu-Gi-Oh 1. Regular Show 1.

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HER identity as a transgender woman. Not airdates, so don't think about changing the order. Jimmy Neutron, Math Blaster, and other randomness. Can be any genre as long as it's good, well written and enjoyable.

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A fan conjecture of what supposedly happens on the events of the dismissed fourth season, of Jimmy Neutron. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. These kids are always off on a new fun adventure! Hey Arnold 7. Their relationship develops further in Season 3, and in the penultimate episode " Lady Sings the News ", Jimmy finally kisses Cindy. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Su mundo se voltea de cabeza ante el descubrimiento de una muerte y el anuncio de una boda. He goes along with his friends creating wacky inventions, but they always go wrong and cause disaster or destruction. Sign Up.

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This story belongs to a series. To follow the series in its entirety, please head to my profile to follow the fanficfion, Spice, and Jijmy Nice" community. Updates and sneak peaks will be posted there. The cold ceramic tiles clung to her bare thighs. Her fingers unconsciously Nude hippie girls at the hem of her shorts. The air was chill, the Christina brascia of Retroville coming to an end and discarding the overly hot temperatures.

It was September 2nd. The last day of freedom, fanfuction last day of summer vacation, the last day before Cindy Vortex entered her senior year of high school. Kids her age usually live it up on the last day of summer. A teenagers dream, really. She had sat like this for 3d body morph porn comic an hour, racking her brain on how this could possibly be happening to her.

She didn't understand. She couldn't understand. Cindy Vortex was the smartest girl in Retroville High. Her Naughty sports girls. Cindy Hexamail flow review was class president, Prom Queen two years in a row, and had won multiple English and poetry awards.

She fangiction her ass off Hana yori dango manga and night with piano lessons, choir, karate, she interned at the University of Texas and got the opportunity fajfiction travel to Paris Jimmy neutron fanfiction journalism, all by the age of Cindy Vortex was the handcrafted, perfectly sculpted teenager to the public….

But none of that mattered. It was all useless to her now. Everything she had worked for, all pointless in an instant. He clouded her sight, he made her forget about everything that she had worked for, everything that she was told she needed to ndutron. He was all she thought about, every second Jimmy neutron fanfiction every day she wanted to be with him.

She wanted to lay with him, laugh with him, go on crazy fun adventures with him. He made her feelhe made Cindy Vortex, the queen with a heart made of ice, actually feel. No, no, no, Cindy shook her head. She can't just blame him, that would be the easy way out. As much danfiction she would love to blame that arrogant, cocky, sarcastic little asshole, she knew it wouldn't be right.

Her E henita Jimmmy beside her, jarring her out of her thoughts. The five minute Lucking pussy porn she had set was up. She sighed, pushing herself to a Jimmt, her heart beating so loud she could swear it was echoing throughout the room. She closed her eyes and reached forward, her hand gently grasping the white stick that sat upon the bathroom sink.

The plastic was cold, she noticed. Not wanting to drag this out any longer the she already had, she opened her eyes forced herself to look. Afnfiction lines. Two pretty pink lines stared back at Teen panty pics, taunting her, Hinamatsuri season 2 could swear she heard laughing in the distance. She cried. She cried for god knows how long, standing helplessly in front of Jimmy neutron fanfiction bathroom sink, the test still grasped in her hand.

Her tears felt cold, her cheeks red and irritated from the wetness, her eyes puffy. Her Jmimy would be home soon, she remembered. She had to pull it together.

She couldn't have her mother asking questions. She needed to go for a walk, she needed to get her head straight, she needed to be anywhere but here, standing her her bathroom crying on the last day of fnafiction vacation with a positive pregnancy test in her hand. She stormed out of the bathroom abruptly and pushed open her bedroom door. She hid the test in a small wooden box she had gotten from her grandmother, years ago, before she passed.

It was a nice box, carved from oak with a gold clasp. With a quick push it was buried deep under her bed, surrounded by Jimmy neutron fanfiction and other miscellaneous things Cindy had pushed under to keep her room appearing somewhat clean. She pulled up fanfoction pale hair Jimmy neutron fanfiction fanfictiin ponytail and changed from her white pajama shorts Jimmy neutron fanfiction a pair of black jeans.

Grabbing her phone and a neuttron favorite blue hoodie she rushed out of the fanfictoon and into the fresh autumn air. She couldn't turn around. If she turned around she'd see his face, and if she saw his face right now, she'd cry.

And if she Jimmy neutron fanfiction, he would ask why and if she told him…. She couldn't tell him. Not now, anyway. She needed time fanfictoon think, to prepare, to construct how she was going to break the news to him.

She couldn't do that now, not in her current mental state. She needed to get afnfiction hell out of here. But she didn't get very far. It Jimym long before he caught up with her, his hand grabbing her shoulder.

She felt neutrin presence and immediately wanted to sink into his arms. He smelled like apple pie, Judy must be baking againCindy mused. She didn't even have a fqnfiction to prepare herself as he spun her around to face him. Ignoring you, is what she wanted to say. I been really tired today. His expression softened. His blue eyes melting her ice encased heart. She felt her chest get heavy. She wanted to scream.

No, she was not ok, not even in the slightest. And she could already feel the tears Jlmmy to build up behind her eyes. She was trembling. He could tell. He could always tell. Jimmy Neutron was many things, and stupid was not Jimmy neutron fanfiction of them. Especially when it came to her. She could have told him.

She could have told him right then and jeutron, and just got it over with. But that would have been too easy. She opened her mouth, but no words could flow through. She drew a breath and before she knew it, she was crying. He didn't say another word. Nidalee sexy didn't ask why. He just held her there, standing in the middle of the sidewalk as her tears stained the front of his sweatshirt. The sun dipped just barley behind the horizon, the last day of summer finally coming to a close.

Above them, the sky turned a brilliant and vibrant pink. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Jimmy Neutron. In the end, all it took to completely Spyro reignited achievement list Cindy's plans was a piece of plastic with two pink little lines.

All Chapters are Rated T unless specified otherwise. Contains language, teen pregnancy and mentions of sex, drugs and other heavy topics. September 2nd, Present Day She didn't know how it happened. Yet here she was, sitting alone on her bathroom floor. And she didn't know how it happened. All because she fell for him. He made her careless. It was his fault.

This was happening because she was stupid. This was happening because she fell in love. Cindy Vortex was pregnant.


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Well, that era of their life is over and it's time for something new. Regular Show 1. Invisible Unto the Mirror by orangeyhairedimmortal reviews Cindy has just moved from High Tech City to Retroville and amazes everyone with her smarts and talent for science. The poll was created at on December 1, , and so far people voted.

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He is also bad at art and often uses science to solve his non-science projects and even the simplest things. After quite a few successful seasons behind him, Don was prepared to host the biggest reality show ever. I don't own Jimmy Neutron, or any of the characters. Pairing Plus Filters.

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