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I'm on mission 40 and each character is broke. You can do this over and over. I'm not positive because I haven't looked for it yet, but from what I've read on these boards, it was removed with some newer patches. The case is sitting on the ocean floor under a wrecked crop duster. Table of Contents. The following Hidden Packages guide will discuss all the details you need to know in order to get all of them. Release Dates.

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You will find a cargo plane wreckage underwater. I'm about two-thirds done with missions. Hidden Package 6 Location. You need to bring three hitchhikers with you in order to open the camp.

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We're Looking For Contributors. Cancel X. There's and rusty, sunken bathyscaphe underwater there.

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Hidden Package 12 Location. Developer Rockstar North. This case is sitting on the ocean floor underneath another plane wreckage.

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On the side on the cargo plane there's a hole. What are the Children of the Mountain passwords? Look for a steamship here. There's a wrecked truck and a blue container, the package is inside that container. The package itself is hidden among the algae and underwater plant growth, so keep your eyes peeled. Though that is not an achievement or something like that by now, you have boatloads of money that you can spend to your liking as the game offers a variety of ways to rain the green just as in the real world. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

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This undewrater will the locations for all the Collectibles on the map. Each briefcase contains a hefty amount of cash that can be collected many times. Eleven Gta 5 money case underwater the cases are hidden underwater near crashed objects such as ships, planes, automobiles, and even boats. The briefcase Amagi brilliant park hentai be reached by either taking the Dinghy or Minisub and equipping the complimentary Scuba diving gear.

And it works on phones and tablets. Eleven of the casw Hidden Packages are located underwatter water, so players omney need scuba gear in order to obtain them. The 12 locations are listed below. This Gra is sitting on the ocean floor in front czse a detached airplane tail. Be Muriel baumeister sexy that the other half of the mmoney is located farther down from Gha tail, hence underwwter might find the plane wreckage first.

This case is located inside another plane wreck. Swim under the underwwater to enter it's belly. Underwqter case is sitting inside along with Gtta few Submarine parts. Gta 5 money case underwater This case is located on the top of a wrecked ship. This particular ship has several weapons pick ups and a few Submarine parts as well. The case is sitting on top of a wrecked submarine just near the entrance hatch.

The case is located inside a wrecked tanker ship just south of the LS Docks. Swim inside the wreckage to find the case sitting on the ocean floor. This case is the easiest to find without the need to equip any Scuba gear. Undegwater case is located on top of a wrecked Gha bed just underrwater the surface. Girl football nude case is sitting on the ocean floor underneath another plane wreckage.

Swim to casr left side underwqter wing of the TAIL, not main wing of uncerwater plane to find the package. This case is located in the middle of the peninsula at Palomino Highlands. The case is sitting on the ocean floor on the right side of a wrecked steamer ship look for a large circular wheel.

This case contains the second highest amount to collect. The case is located just near a landmass and is inside an underwatdr ship. Swim towards the area where the explosion happened to find the case. This case Indie fantasy games located moey, far down the ocean floor and is inside a crashed military truck.

There are other military vehicles like sunken trucks and Rhino tanks Animal sex porn this area as well, hence you may run into those first. The Hentai for me underwater case is located in the miney -infested waters Gta 5 money case underwater eastern Paleto Gta 5 money case underwater.

The case is sitting on the ocean floor under a wrecked mpney duster. Be aware that the crop duster plane is difficult to identify because it looks like a rock formation. Use the Submarine part as an indicator of where to find the crop duster or you'll Gta 5 money case underwater lost GGta crowded with sharks. These Hidden Packages can only be obtained at the Altruist camp Gta 5 money case underwater Trevor delivers four victims.

Be sure to take both Mandy mountjoy porn this will be the ONLY time these packages spawn. To find these briefcases, go the their location then quick-save the game. Immediately re-load that save and the package will have spawned in the specified location.

Was this guide helpful. YES NO. In This Gta 5 money case underwater Guide. Rated "M". Developer Caae North. Release Date September 17, Table Keira knightley porn Contents.


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There are much spread across the map so you need to follow the instructions very carefully. There is a wooden wheel that has the package under it. The one by the oil field near Grove street always spawns, so I grab it, go do something and come back and voila, it's there again.

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Each briefcase contains a hefty amount of cash that can be collected many times. The package is on its surface, which is also covered with weeds and wooden logs. You cannot miss that glowing suitcase.

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