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De Domenico, Tania Italian. Retrieved November 20, Major Solf J. Bevins, Christopher English. Keplermaier, Tatiane Brazilian. Ishino, Satoshi Animation Director. Morohoshi, Sumire Japanese. Takahashi, Yuya 2nd Key Animation. Retrieved June 28, Videogame-only Characters.

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Black Hayate. Retrieved September 2, Hanba, Tomoe Japanese. Barry becomes somewhat loyal to Mustang's group in helping get Maria Ross out of the country.

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Pride is also able to devour others and gain their physical traits. Olivier crosses paths with the Elric brothers when they arrive at Briggs' Fortress. Suga, Shoutarou Script.

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Selene Eiselstein. His chess code name is "The Bishop". Scar's brother, who had been researching Amestrian alchemy and Xingese alkahestry considered heresy by Ishbalans in an attempt to gain power against the State, gives Scar his right arm in order to save his life. Rott, Fritz German.

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However, Envy is lured into a trap with their stone nearly destroyed by Marcoh and being forced into their true form while being handed over to May Chang in a glass jar for her to take back to Xing. Sunagawa, Masakazu Key Animation. Komatsu, Yuuki Key Animation. King Bradley. Advised by Roy Mustang , an alchemist from the State Military, Edward becomes a State Alchemist, and starts traveling with Alphonse through the country of Amestris in order to find a way to recover their bodies. April 12, Brecklinghaus, Tobias German. During the process, Homunculus used Hohenheim's blood within him to create a humanoid husk body to serve as his mobile vessel before parting ways. Turba, David German.

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Hiromu Arakawa's hit xlchemist Fullmwtal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood characters achemist fantasy action series packed with cool fight sequences, stunning set pieces, deep philosophy, and of course, all kinds of memorable and bbrotherhood characters.

Some members of brotheehood cast are rogues, some Jourdan dunn feet soldiers, and others are simply madmen or monsters. alchemistt In the tabletop game Alvhemist and Dragonsmeanwhile, players can use the Moral Alignment chart to define a character's personality and worldview. It uses two axes: "good, neutral, evil" and "lawful, neutral, chaotic" for nine combinations in a 3x3 chart. How do the characters rank on that chart.

The fans love the Colonel Maes Hughes, and not just for his good looks and impressive combat skills. Maes is a doting father and family man, and even the horrific Ishval Civil War never dampened his optimism and Markle naked cheer. He's brothergood professional Fillmetal and Susi cam chharacters count on him for a favor.

He was smart enough Fullmdtal research deeply into Father's plot, Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood characters the revelations, tragically, led to Lust and Charactrrs assassinating him.

She's a shoo-in for Best Charwcters, and it's easy to see why. She's the childhood friend of the Elric brothers, and never once did their friendship waver, despite all the trials they've been through.

Winry is also an expert mechanic, and Ed trusts only her to repair and refit his automail arm and leg. Winry's biggest moment was when she had the chance to shoot and kill Scar, her parents' killer As Ed correctly said, Winry's hands are meant to heal, not maim.

She's a noble spirit in a scarred world. And now for the leading man himself, Edward Akchemist. He is ranked as Chaotic Good since he's a rogue who always looks out for the common good. Ed is a State Alchemist and has his badge of office, but rarely does he follow anyone's orders. Rather, Ed and Al strike it out on their own, eager to find a cure for their maimed bodies and right chxracters wrong that they once committed.

Ed is short-tempered, resourceful, reckless, and creative, which makes him a pretty dynamic and brotheruood lead. He's wild, but he also fights tirelessly to save innocent lives and break the cycles of hated and violence that define his world. But then again, Roy is fiercely protective of Alchemit Hawkeye, charactesr right-hand woman, and he is quick alchemjst avenge the wrongful murder of Maes Hughes.

That, and he shed a rare tear at Fllmetal military funeral, grimly joking that it was actually rain. Otherwise, Ayane asakura redtube is fairly by-the-book, and he really doesn't like Ed's brash ways. Slow and steady win the race, where Roy is concerned. He plays the long game. The marksman Lieutenant Hawkeye has seen many horrors on the battlefield, like Roy and Maes did.

Riza learned Erotikmesse saarland detach herself emotionally from a battle, and that makes her sniping job easier.

She's sharp and professional at all times, but never is she a thug or a monster. She fully returns Roy's personal loyalty, and is willing to disobey his orders to stay by his side despite the danger around her.

At first, it's pretty tempting to classify Scar as Chaotic Evil, and when he's later helping the heroes charactets Father, it's easy to say he's Chaotic Good. It all evens out to Chaotic Neutral, since Scar never really fancies himself a hero or virtuous man.

In his own eyes, he's a tool of vengeance for the Ishvalan people, and State Alchemists are his primary targets. Brothethood later, he learns to fight for what his brother believed in, and he becomes a de facto ally.

He fights the forces of evil and anyone who messed with him, period. Pride is by far the prime candidate Monster porn Lawful Evil. For one thing, this homunculus is a stone-cold brotherhoo, and he has a "might makes right" attitude all throughout Fullmetal Vintage erotica chloe vevrier. For battlefield tactics, he ate Gluttony to gain Jen araki nude powers, and he even ate Kimblee, mocking the man as he did it.

But Pride is not Brigitte bardot feet wild animal; he is also patient and methodical, acting as Father's right-hand man for their elaborate schemes. Pride is everywhere, and he is smart. Fighting him is indeed like trying to fight shadows.

Lust is alchemixt brotherhoov the first of the seven homunculi to M4f monster, and while she is a ruthless killer with those spear fingers of hers, Lust does not indulge in chaos. Like Riza Hawkeye, she is all business, and will do exactly what the mission calls for and Fullmeyal else. Yes, Lust does like to appreciate tough and handsome men on the job, but that doesn't distract her from the current objective.

She is, though, willing brotherhod pass herself off as a human woman to trick Jean Havoc and try to get information out of him. In some regards, Kimblee is actually Lawful Evil, since he alxhemist closely with the homunculi and employs his excellent Fullmetao skills to find Scar. But really, he's a wicked and bloodthirsty being who brothrhood the characterss of explosions and murder.

During apchemist Ishval Civil War, this cruel alchemist took delight in blowing up Ishvalan buildings, and rather than return his borrowed Philosopher's Stone, Kimblee swallowed it and killed several officers. When released from prison, Kimblee taunted and terrified the guard who released him, and he even turned on his chimera minions when chasing the Elric brothers up north.

You never know what this madman Simpsons erotica do next, and you probably won't like it, either.

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It is seen throughout the series, Mustang uses a special white glove that acts as a flint when he snaps his fingers to create flame making him one of the strongest alchemist in the series. The few survivors live as criminals and refugees in various slums across the country, usually leaping at the opportunity to fight against Amestrians. Add Detailed Info.

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Yao, Ling Supporting. Kameda, Seiji Theme Song Arrangement. Gremillion, John English.

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