Batman 3 beyond gotham cheats. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Cheat Codes (23 Photos)

Batcopter: Find the large clearing close to the entrance of Ysmault that is marked with blue flags. Then, use it to get the character token in the cave next to you. Proceed ahead, and collect the item from the cell. Kilowog: In Level 13, when you are entering the temple, pull down the pillar. Destroy it to get the character token. Quickly smash them to get the character token. Holiday Hats. Go to Batcave Character Customizer through the door beside the Batcomputer. Find the boulder above you, and shrink it.

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Then, during the "Thaw Subject" Qward quest, find Mr Freeze by flying around to a garage with a silver lock. Watch as the Sun opens to get the character token. Freeze: First, complete all of Green Lantern's quests. Use the Sensor Suit to reveal twirl poles and a vent in the floor.

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Enter the clear pipe on the right with Atom. Adam West is nearby. Meet Bat-Mite on top of it, then go to the garden's left side. Check Nintendo 3DS cheats for this game.

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Drain the electric panel to stop the lasers so that you can meet the second penguin. Destroy the chest to get the character token. Smash it, then make an object from the bricks to rescue Adam West. Certain characters will begin singing the theme from the classic Batman television show.

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Giganta: During the "Getting Over Groddy-Poos" Odym hub quest, allow Giganta to take the lead, and help defeat the Reach roaches to get the character token. Switch to any character who can destroy the crate. Your email address will not be published. It cost 75, studs to purchase the vehicle. Check PC cheats for this game. Each suit can only be worn by specific character s , as indicated below:. Hack the techno panel close to the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

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Go to the character select screen and let the cursor sit over a character. Pineapple hentai select anyone, stay on the screen. Waiting for a moment causes the selected character to sing the Cheags Theme from the tv show.

Note: Does not work beyod all Batman 3 beyond gotham cheats. Batman 3 beyond gotham cheats You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. cheqts You can submit Batman 3 beyond gotham cheats problem report for any Batman 3 beyond gotham cheats or fake code in the lists above.

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Also Worth Reading! Destroy the flower, and activate the contraption. On the right side is an electric field, and on the left an electric port. Metallo: In Hall Of Doom interior, go to the center, and find the five hopping monitors.

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Use super senses, and follow the footprints you find to reach another sensory spot. Enter it, and travel to the north to find the character token. Break all of them.

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