Ravpower filehub plus sd card. What is it? (14 Photos)

Interesting device. You can also connect up to 5 mobile devices simultaneously allowing you to stream media from the SD or USB drives, or you can share files directly between two different storage devices. Instantly convert a wired network to wireless network. First I charged the device and then I downloaded and installed the app on my iPad. It would be even better if it has a Micro SD slot as storage so I don't have to carry extra thumb drive or hard drive. There is nothing on the 4th side of the hub. Hope it can help you. What is it?

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I have the device and wanted to use it to transfer files from SD cards to a portable hard drive for backup purposes. No it does not support Mac formatted drives. Log in on RAV filehub app or enter Luckily we have other choices.

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Please make sure you have connect the wifi of RP-WD in 10m. The following are screenshots from the app that show some of the features and functions:. Both Android and IOS devices are supported.

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In the second picture, the main screen in the app is shown, and the third picture shows the selection screen to connect the FileHub wirelessly to the internet. Unavailable Sold Out. Frequency Range: 2. The first picture below shows the indicator display on the front of the device with all of the options turned on.

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Unavailable Sold Out. The first picture below shows the indicator display on the front of the device with all of the options turned on. Open Wifi and use a cell phone to log in to the admin page by typing this address in a browser: Do not transfer files unless you are willing to lose them. First I charged the device and then I downloaded and installed the app on my iPad. Do you need internet access ie wifi to connect the hub to your ipad pro? Hub Expand submenu Hub Collapse submenu Hub. What's in the box? I found nothing better then this device. I lost a lot of large 1 plus gb videos.

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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}Can files be imported into an iTunes library without transferring them to the device so they're not physically on my iPod. If you're asking if you can create fard directory on the sd card in the filehub device to house your iTunes, then the answer would be yes - Keep in mind the maximum sd card you can use in the filehub is g You can connect it to your local network, or you can use it as an access point. Have you connected to it via its IP address. I have a kindle fire. I have posted already that I don't own Ravpower filehub plus sd card device, sorry I can't help. I bought it for someone else. Ravpowed I get any information will send out the feedback. Can I take my cables providers hot spot and lpus to it with device and make my own secured network for my security cameras in my apartment. Can i use this to transfer raw files from my sony a7rii to an external memory. Will this work with an external dvd drive?. Sorry, but I don't have this plsu. It was bought for someone else. If I get any information will pass it on. Charger Expand submenu Charger Collapse submenu Charger. Hub Expand submenu Car Collapse submenu Hub. Support Expand submenu Support Collapse submenu Support. Your cart. Close Cart. Please make sure you have connect the wifi of RP-WD03 in 10 metres. Color Black. Add to Cart. Wireless Media Sharing Wirelessly stream videos, share photos, or trade files with a secure local Wi-Fi network. Portable Router Easily convert a wired network into a wireless one. Power Bank Extend the battery life of your smartphone or tablet with a mAh external battery charger. Bridge Acrd Connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and broadcast it as a wireless signal. On top of that, the internal battery pack allows you to use it without having to also plug Ragpower power, and it easily lasts an 8 carc day doing so. Of yeah, and you can also charge your phone in a pinch. Apple, Android, Windows, I can transfer files to and from any plu. My filebub. It is kinda clunky and could be easier to use. That being said, things like Powering up mobile devices is as easy as plugging it into the USB port. Transferring files uses proprietary software and Bordell unna not Facade game mac not loading intuitive as it should be, for as Ravpower filehub plus sd card as this has been on the market. After using it for a while, it p,us easier, BUT as I use it sporadically, so I have to relearn the process. TRhat being said it is a awesome device. A definite BUY. It was actually easy to use and connect to, a big plus is this unit is a power bank and battery life is incredible. I used it on a broadcast that lasted well over 6hrs with out missing a beat. Highly recommend this item if your looking for a wifi repeater, bridge Ravpower filehub plus sd card se other devices or transfer files from an SD card Ravpower filehub plus sd card a phone or laptop. Easy to use and has multi-uses. My mom uses it to back up the photos on 16gb iPhone, I use Ravpower filehub plus sd card to stream videos on a flash drive to my iPad. Love it. Fits perfectly in my Osmo Pocket case. Still learning how to best use it. It does what I expected it to do. Used with apple iproducts to transfers photos and free up memory. There is no memory on board. Need Katarina witt feet card or usb type plug-in memory. FAQ 1. Yes 5. Yes, but you'll need to insert the SD Card into the unit first. Pay with Ease. Trusted Delivery. Unavailable Sold Ravpiwer.

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Once I was done with editing the picture I would then insert the compact flash card into another card reader that is attached to my laptop so I could perform the additional functions that I need. Wireless Data Transfer and Backup Anywhere Hold the power button for 5s unstil the wifi icon is light on. Now this device worked fine for sharing the internet and connecting to external networks easily. Must hold the power button for 5s until wifi LED light on to turn on filehub Seamlessly share with your families, friends and stream your videos, photos, and music on your connected smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices, via App or Web.

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Please make sure you have connect the wifi of RP-WD03 in 10 metres. Unavailable Sold Out. What's in the box?

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