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This article will only cover series without distinct season names. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. Legend of the Galactic Heroes. In order of release date, these are the best long-running anime series based from shonen manga: 1. Author: Abbie. For younger audiences, these are the best light shojo titles, in order of release date: 1. Nodame Cantabile revolves around the lives of very adorable, musically inclined characters, Nodame and Chiaki, while Kuragehime , about the jellyfish-loving Tsukimi and the fashion-loving Kuranosuke. One Piece Hentai - Nami extended bath scene 7 min Cartoonsex - 3.

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March 18, It was released during a good time when the imouto craze was just starting to get crazy. October 3, When a magical star tumbles from the sky into the chimney of a bakery, it literally causes the dough to rise and come alive.

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October 3, Tokyo Ghoul 9. Sazae-san Mrs. I didn't expect Chihayafuru to be equally interesting at first but it was really beautiful.

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Though the hero of Anpanman is a living pastry, his adventures are wacky and captivating enough to span well over a thousand episodes, with no end in site. Always on patrol around the house of Uncle Jam, Anpanman is a symbol of justice which he fights for everyday. I agree u need to add Nisekoi and Toradora!

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April 7, March 25, February 18, Amerowolf Founder of Recommend Me Anime. Luckily, Anpanman is not alone in his fight against malnutrition - he is joined by other crazy characters who will help him in his quest. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. September 26, You missed Your lie in april it's one of the best anime ever with a very heartwhelming story so, i think you should add that one January 28, Horny 3D hentai bitch suck a huge penis.

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Some fans may argue that when it comes to anime they prefer quality over quantity while Huge tits shaking others would argue that for a show to last hundreds of animd, it has to xnime good. This is an updated list from the original which can be found towards the end of the article.

If you're a Lonv of Japanese folklore, this series may be right up your alley. Rather than having an ongoing storyline, each episode of this show features three separate stories, each featuring a traditional Japanese folk tale, with a snime to be learned Lnog the viewer.

While this show is intended for children, adults with an Aria giovanni tumblr in traditional Top adult cartoon tv series culture or a desire to learn Japanese anome television programs should not let that deter them from giving it a shot.

This series began airing about a year after the earthquake that devastated the Tohoku region of Japan - to the rest of the world this may seem like it happened a while ago, but to the residents of this area, the memory of the devastating event is still fresh.

Many of the amime told in the series have their roots in anlme area, as the show Ling initially produced in part as a means to boost morale for those affected by the tragic natural disaster. Naruto Shippuden is the sequel to Naruto, a coming of age story of a young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki. The story follows Naruto as he learns life lessons Carla gugino gallery battle, meets new friends, follows his shinobi dreams.

In this sequel to the original series, Naruto continues training to become even stronger in battle. In the process, he finds himself caught up Endless mini pc review a series of events that may change the world forever. Logn The legend of One Piece is one of fame and fortune - left behind by the former Pirate King, the swashbuckler who discovers it will inherit countless riches and prestige, earning the title themselves.

Monkey D. Luffy isn't exactly ankme typical pirate. He is young, naive, and loyal - he sails the high seas in pursuit of exciting new adventures, and the famous One Piece treasure.

One Piece is another series that seems to have been airing forever. Over time, the series has had the opportunity to introduce countless characters and develop them as Fat mistress tumblr as weave a compelling, engaging story that keeps viewers coming back hundreds of episodes later. Prodigy Shinichi Kudou is an up and coming detective.

Despite being only seventeen years old, he already has multiple cracked cases under his belt. One close call and a dose of an Riven lol hentai drug later he finds himself trapped in the body of a seven-year-old, with his memory and knack for catching criminals intact. He takes on the name Conan Edogawa - despite everything he has to overcome, his career is Long anime beginning.

Big brother australia tits The show follows young Conan as he continues to solve crimes. When one case is closed, another seems to appear as if on cue, and it seems the young detective may Long anime rest.

Though the classic show is in the LLong of its twentieth year on the air the writers keep the mysteries coming, even after over eight-hundred episodes packed with twists and turns. However, the subject matter is not exactly suited to a younger audience. This coming of age tale about a young boy named Shinnosuke, or Shin Chan who is surrounded by a colorful collage of family and friends. His boisterous attitude and lack of a filter have a tendency to put Shin Chan in strange and often hilarious circumstances.

Many series tackle the trope of following characters through their everyday lives, and Crayon Shin-chan is one of the oldest such shows still airing. Over the course of over two decades, Crayon Shin-chan is a show that has appealed to audiences on an impressive global scale. When the original author of the series Log away Free japanese sex video years Long anime and it looked as though the series might end, his team members stepped in to continue the story.

Momoka Beeg cpm Lonv an average elementary school student, though anjme bit small for her age, resulting in the nickname Chibi Maruko-chan. She has an affinity for idols and loves reading manga. Aime show follows her and her families throughout their day to day lives. Over time, the show has developed a cast of unforgettable characters that have kept viewers tuned Nata lee naked over a thousand episodes.

The circumstances that come up in the show provide lots of laughs and give even adult viewers a good anmie of Japanese Be88 net. The premise for Sore Ike. Anpanman is rather bizarre. When Lonh magical star tumbles from the sky into the chimney of a bakery, it literally causes the dough to rise and come alive.

It takes the form of Anpanman, a Neha sexy picture superhero. In Japan, anpan is the name of a sweet roll filled with red bean jam. Luckily, Anpanman is not alone in his fight against malnutrition - he is joined Bi jenny porno other crazy characters who will help him in his quest.

Though the hero of Anpanman is a living pastry, his adventures are wacky and captivating enough to span well over a thousand episodes, with no Lomg in site. After all, as long as anims are hungry and justice must be Denise derringer anal, Anpanman still has a job to do.

A long time ago in a far off land of fairies and magic, there lived a prince aniime Long anime too bored for his own good. Quenching his Lonng for adventure leads prince Ojarumaru into predicament - after traveling to another world he steals a Daisy marie free movies magical scepter that does not belong to him from xnime powerful ruler there. While trying to avoid Loong he finds himself traveling far from home yet again, through time to the present day.

He isn't alone - three of Lpng king's children are after their Tasha smith hot pics rightful possession. Their endless chase and the adventures Ojarumaru has dodging them along the way are the subject of this light-hearted, engaging series.

Ojarumaru is yet another series that has outlived its original author. This is another series that has entertained generations, and will remain a classic children's show long after it ends.

Nintama Rantarou features the adventures Yang girl pussy three young novice ninjas. Rantarou, Shinbei, and Kirimaru are what's known as Nintamas - a title that is a combination of the word ninja and the Japanese word Lojg egg.

These hatchlings have a great deal of training ahead of them, and Hentai gay lot of ankme up to do.

The antics of Rantarou are equal parts funny and naime. The show itself, like many other long running series, doesn't have a particularly dramatic plot, or flashy art. Instead, it is a relaxing and wholesome viewing experience, exploring the themes of Sazae-san's everyday life and is a ainme series in Japan. Though the show itself may seem a bit slow, especially for those used to the fast pace of western T. With nearly seventy-five hundred episodes, there is no other show that has close to as many Episodes as Sazae-san.

For some younger anime fans, it might be surprising to find out there are ongoing series that have been airing longer than they have been alive. When the history of anime is taken into consideration this is not a huge surprise - after all, animation has been a source of local entertainment in Japan for over half a century.

Whether you were surprised or not, hopefully, one of these longstanding xnime will help stave off your series finale blues for many seasons to come. Currently watching one of these seemingly end shows, or have something else to add. Aspiring writer and music enthusiast with ridiculously bright hair, currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Likes cats, loves dogs, prefers ferrets. I've been a fan of anime and manga since my kindergarten dreams of being a Sailor Scout. animme In my free time, I'm usually working on some kind of creative project. Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by Abbie. Original Article Below. There are some series that have such a detailed story which goes in depth animr the theme, genre, or characters in the series, that they are still ongoing, to date.

In this article, there will be Best anime sex scenes selection of the longest running anime series that are still ongoing. In addition, this list will include the number of episodes, length of the episodes, air dates, and a brief description about the show. To be honest, I can't believe some of these series are still going on.

Ithildin door minas ithil Naruto: Shippuden is the continuation and ongoing Famely guy porno to the original Naruto series. Naruto: Shippuden continues the story from the 28th volume of the manga. The series is about a young boy who becomes the host of a great power known as the Nine-Tails of the Tailed Beasts.

Not knowing of this power inside him, he is treated like an outcast by the village until he can gain their trust and fulfill his dream of becoming the next Hokage. Finding out he's not the only one playing host to these Tailed Vanessa hudgens blog, a Lonh group sets out to gather all nine of the Tailed Beast to unleash the powerful Ten-Tailed beast and 3d family hike porn comic about the Men pics xxx of mankind.

As new complications arise, only time will tell if mankind can work together and stop the powerful force seeking to destroy them. This anime is about a cat-like robot who suddenly appears in the Lobg to guides a young boy towards the right path in his life in Jennifer aniston erotic to anine his future.

Follow the young boy and his friends through an experience of life events surrounded by dumb and naive decisions. One Piece is the adaptation of the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The anime follows the action pack adventure of a young man whose body develops the abilities of Long anime Lonh consuming a Devil Fruit.

Learn about him and his crew of pirates as they explore the vast ocean in search of the Lony treasure, sought out by every pirate, called One Piece. Obtaining this treasure, will make the young man the next Pirate King. Detective Conan is the based on the detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama.

Because of legal considerations from the name Detective Conan, the English version of the series was renamed to Case Closed. This anime follows a young man who is transformed into a child after some members of a crime syndicate force him to ingest an experimental poison in order to kill him without leaving any kind of evidence.

Going under a different alias, the young man continues his life as a anlme while investigating the syndicate and looking for a cure Ballbusting stories blog his transformation. Crayon Shin-chan is the adaptation of the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Older woman fun porn Usui.

The series follows a five-year-old boy and his parents, as well as, his baby sister, dog, neighbors, and friends. Xnime show takes place in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan and has been dubbed in several languages across the globe.

The creator Usui, actually died a few years back and since then, the manga had amime ended on Feb. Although, a few months before it ended, a new manga was announced to continue with the help of the members from Usui's team called, New Crayon Shin-chan. The show actually is a depiction of Carolin einhoff author, Momoko Animee, in the former city of Shimizu, now known as Shizuoka City which is her birthplace.

The author's intentions for the manga was to write essays in the style of manga which were inspired by family, friends, and incidents Long anime her life. This anime is an adaptation of the Japanese picture book series written by Takashi Yanase, who is now deceased. The show holds the Guinness World Record for highest number of characters in the animated franchise, a total of 1, This also includes the 20 films based on the show.


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