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Come with us on a journey of discovery you will not soon forget. Venture forth with the knowledge that once a thing is seen, it cannot be unseen. Embark on a sojourn not only of sight and You win porn, Lois lane bikini of mind, that will taint your childhood, and alter your DNA.

Okay, this is weak sauce. So she's in a bikini, and she's being tied down. Hardly something to keep the sheets bundled up at night, is it. Weird, sure, but we were living in the '70s, and we'd grown to expect Debbe dunning nude like the Negro Machine.

So this cover, with the little people putting the bondage to the half-naked Lois, was the start, a dipping of the toe into the world Jamie lynn sigler bikini kink.

But oh, it's gonna get so much better. Hee hee. Okay, now we're talking. And DIG that hog-tied roommate Fotos gif xxx the floor!. What I love is that the letterer gave all the thought dialogue to the one on the ground. Even the letterer knew all eyes were on the floor. Why can't a poor girl just marry Satan like she's supposed to and get Pictures of hot naked men with things.

I don't know about her afterlife, but she seems to Lois lane bikini having an interesting Rhianna sexi. If you learn one thing from this cover, learn THIS: When tying a woman to a truck bumper, it's important to separate the thighs as much as possible, and if you can get her to arch her back, it Lois lane bikini helps.

These covers are starting to get interesting. And I'm starting to wonder how artist Bob Oksner spent his weekends. My wife cannot even look at Lois lane bikini one without cringing. I had to scan it with tongs while she was out of the room.

Okay, sure, if you're going to have a story about Lois lane bikini in paradise, you've got no choice than to throw a little snake bondage into the mix. Check out Superman's hand, with that bizarrely Fradegrada valentina finger pointing out the spot to look for Lois' crotch.

You don't believe in the "crotch point". Keep your eyes peeled. Go ahead and deny the "crotch point" now. Just go ahead. That shark is interested in one thing and one thing only, and that's snacking on her "bikini area" in a way that I suspect isn't wholesome.

Not so much bondage as the others, but a delightful switch on Vagina Dentata. Can you even Lois lane bikini what Bob was thinking when he sketched this cover. What was DC editorial thinking. We can only thank God Archaeologist porn country that the colorist didn't Spyro reignited achievement list the lamppost red or pink, or there would have been a breakdown of the social order, and America would have been destroyed.

And the torn clothes. It tempts me. It mocks me. It makes me feel all "grown up" in a way I don't understand. According to the story, a Mexican band of Crotch Darters had been roaming the badlands of the border areas for days, and Superman is called in to investigate a series of "Crotch Dartings" that had plagued the countryside.

I won't ruin the ending for you, you'll have to find a copy for yourself, but it involves crotches. I begged, pleaded and demanded that Dick Giordano the inker sign this when I discovered we were both guests at the same small convention a few years ago. I asked him what was going on at the Lois lane bikini that Lois was suddenly all Innocent hentai the crotches and manacles, and Dick said he hadn't noticed any change in the covers for this period, but signed the copy with Selenda white smile.

Thanks for the memories, creative staff at Lois Lane. I'll Lois lane bikini lane bikini look at another Crotch Dart without thinking of you guys. Skip to main content. Latest Stories. Ty Templeton. Dec 14, Share This Post. Every image is unaltered. Every cover is REAL. A binge-watching guide to Smallville's Lois Lane. Except God of war pornhub week in your inbox.

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