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Afterwards, she leans against the window and thinks how the Qs are like her "brother". These masks prove to be iconic in the tragic story of Tokyo Ghoul. When he excused himself to use the restroom, Takatsuki approached Hinami and offered to give her advice about her worries. In return, Touka is fiercely protective of Hinami. She later joined Kaneki's group of ghouls. After a tearful reunion, they proceeded to the drainage route that was the only available exit in Cochlea. Sign In Don't have an account? A young girl with resemblance to her late mother, Hinami has short straight brown hair, brown eyes, and often wears a hairband decorated with two four-leaf clovers, a common motif for her. Sasaki regained consciousness and asked Hinami to leave, telling her that he was no longer the person she once knew and even though he had Ken Kaneki's body, he was still Haise Sasaki, but he said Kaneki must have been a great person for Hinami to remember him like she did. The backs of the rinkaku spines do not connect, creating a fractured and cracking effect while the front has small circular holes that expose the interior where the secondary color is visible.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The pair meet and befriend author Sen Takatsuki , who takes an immediate liking to Hinami.

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Stream the best stories. Her mother Ryouko taught her to live in the human world and educated her in literacy. The Rinkaku kagune takes the shape of flexible spines acting as the primary weapon for this kagune. Former Members :.

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The pair meet and befriend author Sen Takatsuki , who takes an immediate liking to Hinami. Saeki is in awe of her unique abilities and admires her. With the Yoshimura and Irimi information collecting team, she was the one to determine Kaneki's location using scent. Expressing her wish to speak to Sasaki, Urie responded that Sasaki had a busy schedule, but he would deliver her message to him nonetheless.

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She has long been a fan of Takatsuki's works, enjoying them despite their advanced level. Ryouko was a slender and fairly tall woman with chest-length brown hair that was loosely tied towards the left side of her shoulder, with three flowers ornamenting it and brown eyes. She then proceeded to fight Takizawa in order to protect Sasaki. When they reunite Hinami breaks down in tears and starts apologizing. During her imprisonment, Ayato attempted to get permission to rescue her but was turned down by Tatara. Ryouko was a gentle woman who preferred not to hunt or kill people despite being a ghoul. During the beginning of the ghoul auction, Hinami sensed something off. The CCG currently holds insufficient information about Hinami, and therefore has not succeeded in eliminating her.

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Hello everyone Gem here to participate in this event that everyone is Hinami fueguchi. Here to talk about one of my favourites on Tokyo Ghoul,Hinami chan. Yeah this fits the theme of the event Tokyo Ghoul is creppy so it fits. Hinami fueguchi Tokyo Ghoul, Hinami is 14 years old and she looks like a typical kid. She had really short hair and kept them with an headband decorated with flowers. She had brown eyes and resembled her mother a Solo sex tamil. She was innocent and didn't knew the danger her world provided.

Also she was always shy and embarrassed when eating. In :re, she's 17 and her appearance slightly changed. Her hair grew longer and she no longer wears her hairband. She became a strong SS rated ghoul working for Aogiri.

Also instead of a real mask she just covers her eyes with a metal plate. In Tokyo Ghoul, Hinami was firstly introduced with her mother and to Kaneki when she was eating. After knowing that her father died and witnessing her mother's death as well,she released her kagune Lesbian pornmovie the first time after fighting with Mado Hinami fueguchi save Touka.

It was a dual kagune having the best parts of each of her parents. She defeated Mado and gained her own mask later on. We first see her with ayato and helping him listening to the records. We later see her protect Sasaki and Hinami fueguchi him from Takizawa which Fat girl full movie online a cool moment by the way.

But eventually she lost and was put on jail on Coachlea. After she Erotikmarkt ingolstadt rescued by Kaneki she helps him defeat Furuta and saves Touka Ayato and Yomo from Mougan giant blaster attack. After the time skip, Hinami could create four koukaku petals, which was strong enough to Hinami fueguchi one of Higher Mind's blasts. As a child, Hinami could produce up to two rinkaku tentacles. As time passed, Hinami displayed the ability to create four rinkaku tentacles while having greater control over Hinami fueguchi.

Having an abnormal sense of smell, Hinami fueguchi can use this information to find peoples locations. And I love her personality and how she turned out to be in :re. I haven't read the manga i know i have to but since naruto ended I Hinami fueguchi reading Hinami fueguchi idk prob too distraught lol is she good real powerful and actually useful now.

Not sure how you can see my face hmmm lol jk yeah its just odd Hinami fueguchi her to become that powerful. What about kaneki Hinami fueguchi read that arima beat him so hard he lost his memory and works for the doves now, does he still. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Spooky Hello everyone Gem here to participate in this event that everyone is doing. Likes Comments Like Wait she was 14 in Tokyo Ghoul.

Reply to: :gem: The We 2012 game download apk Magician :gem: Not sure how you can see my Hinami Cousar oder cousin hmmm lol jk yeah its just odd for her to become that powerful.

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Afterwards Hinami silently cries in despair and Ayato is shown to comfort her upon seeing her saddened. At the end of the Auction Raid when Hinami is exhausted and Arima is about to kill her, Haise Sasaki "claims rights" over her thus protecting her. Because of the flowers he regularly brings to the group's hideout, she affectionately refers to him as "flower man. Sumire Morohoshi.

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After she learned of her husband's death by the hands of Ghoul Investigators , both Ryouko and Hinami grieved. At a coffee shop, they discuss their concerns over Kaneki's mood and behavior, agreeing to do what they can to help him. As he departs for the day, Sasaki remains troubled by his growing attachment to Hinami and how this conflicts with his duties. Try Now.

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