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Keep reading. This has somewhat unaware rape or some shit Idon'tknowkillme Also a second part is coming after a request from FanFiction. Suddenly everyday activities with you had an entire new feeling for him. It just felt like, no matter what, his only option was to raise the child, and do his best. He was burning brighter again. He is beyond happy, hugging you back. Postcards From Waterfall, Chapter 76 [ Direct link to this chapter in the notes! Sticks and stones may break your bones, but Sans is conflicted by night terrors and vague memories from previous timelines gone wrong. Im a sucker for crush hcs so i just had to ask, have a beautiful day!!

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Sure, this strays very far from the original timeline, but a few weeks couldn't hurt, could it? When you both finished eating and said your goodbyes after making plans for the next day he ran up the stairs to talk to Sans, maybe he would know why his chest felt so funny. He explained the situation to Sans.

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He has his work cut out for him, what with everyone out to get him. His magic is weakened, and in this world, it's "kill, or be killed". Sans grillby x sans. Grillby subconsciously sighed and went back to work.

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Grillby POV. He might even say that he loved you…platonically, of course. Well, just as the group of Monsters decide it's time to start heading back to their new home, things go wrong. After getting to the surface after so many years of isolation, one would think that positivity would come easily.

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My love jar keychains are on sale at my new store! I'm trying a new writing style and writing about Undertale. Sommaire [ afficher ]. In this chapter : A skeleton walks into a bar. Postcards From Waterfall, Chapter 75 [ Direct link to this chapter in the notes! Les membres de la Garde Royale qu'on peut trouver chez Grillby sont:. Please consider turning it on! Sans looked over at Grillby as his flames went back to normal.

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Cougars getting fucked tumblr we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on. Remember Me. After countless resets, all of monsterkind has been freed. Even Flowey is happy. The memories will forever be stuck in their mind This story encompasses the entire Yanderetale canon with focus on a non-canon OC. I did not create Yanderetale. Please be mindful of the content warnings. This chapter contains: language, blood. Our beloved Bartender seemed to stumble into a new but familiar world. The question is, can he survive this violent world. This small scare flower has his answers Bonsai AU. Sans comes home from work to a surprise date night from Grillby and it's cute and domestic and then fuckin' happens. Except Sans hasn't done any of this before so everyone has to have Feelings about it. Lots of flexibility about what skeleton AND fire magic can do. I cannot stress enough how this is all about consent and feelings. Sans is married, now he has to deal with this new life he's suddenly leading and all the changes happening all at once. With his brother's support and a loving husband at his side he's got this, no problem. After all, what could possibly go wrong. Years after the barrier is broken and an inter-universal portal is set up, monsters and people from Pia pleasure porn AU's visit Underlust and have a good time at the Strip Club in Snowdin. Being a Don in this cut throat city was no easy task, it's been too long since Undyne the Undying had a chance to hang out with her best friend. Of course she jumps at the invitation to his home, even if it's just for a meeting with his older brother, himself a Don. It'll be a chance to reminisce and learn the latest news. Sans had been a kid then, Gaster had given him the job of tracking the constellations and watching the Brit morgan porn, when he had glimpsed his first look at the primordial god. He was small, smaller even than he was now, his jacket had been down to his feet back then. Gaster had always said he had stars in his sockets but he had not expected how quickly his nephew would take to watching the sky. It had been a special clear night, when the constellations danced their courting dances and the stars sang a hymn for the heavens. When the planets whispered their secrets to the sky around them. That was the night that Sans first saw the man in the skies. It's Beltane, also known as May Day. Sans and Papyrus are getting ready to go celebrate with the rest of the village when Sans is distracted by something Someone dangerous. Someone forbidden. Someone from the forest. Ketchup and Mustard have made it out of the demon's grasp. Everything's going to be okay now, right. The barrier had Grillby x sans destroyed, monsters set free from their century-long prison. They had freedom at long last, and yet Monsterkind was slow to accept this truth. After a long discussion between the great king, accompanied by his great advisor, and the officials of the cities closest to the great Grillby x sans that hid the monsters away, Monsterkind was given the opportunity to grow under the warm sun, within the safety of foster homes. But that is not all. Along with dealing with the reintegration of monsters into society, and fighting for them to get basic human rights, the barrier dropping released concentrated magic back into the world. For those humans who descended from monsters, it poses an interesting problem when long dormant magical genes and cells are reactivated violently. Humans and monsters really aren't all that different- but not everyone can see that. Time passes and they come to enjoy the little skeleton's company. But to many times have they had to stand by while this mysterious datemate breaks Sans' heart. It starts when Sans is stood up on Valentine's night and they invite him to their own Valentine dinner. Stuff went down and some Underfell monster just showed up some time after the Undertale monster reach the surface. Surprisingly, things went pretty smoothly. Sans has no clue what to do with that. Luckily Grillby got his back. Sometimes you just want to watch your OTP meet and fall in love over and over and over again. A collection of oneshots of Sans and Grillby meeting for the first time. Frisk was able to escape her world just in time, she falls into Underfell, now she must build a new life from the dust of her old Czechcasting vipergirls. Good thing his latest one-night-stands, one of which is also conveniently a skilled guardsman, are ready to help him. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.{/INSERTKEYS}{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Top of Work Index. Please send in your requests and give me something to do with my life! Grillby subconsciously sighed and went back to work.

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Soriel sans x toriel sans undertale toriel undertale grillby undertale undertale. Some of the monsters working there are kind while others are mysterious. He probably could have handled his introduction better, though.

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