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Lambert from the Old Pals quest. Nekker 3 of 3 - Random. I glanced at this and totally read it wrong. Decoy: Use a Decoy card to take a unit card on the battlefield back into your hand and replace it with the decoy. One of them is one of the nekker cards which I am supposed to win from Lambert at the end of the quest "Following The Thread". Renuald aep Matsen. There are three Nekker cards available.

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Don't have an account? I'll wait a few days and see if the quest appears, but if it doesn't can you guide me through how to enable the console and what to write please? Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno.

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It is a collectable card game similar to Magic: The Gathering. Poor Fucking Infantry 3 of 3. Even if you miss Lambert through the quest you can still pick up the card at Kaer Morhen by Lambert's bed.

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Madman Lugos. I missed the quest Following the thread with Lambert and didn't get the Nekker card from Hammond. White Orchard. I thought Lambert gives you the Triss card?

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I glanced at this and totally read it wrong. I'm not sure I even played the quest. I am missing 3 gwent cards to finish my collection. I'll try using the console later today to grab it and also look for the remaining 2 cards. Avallac'h a. Fire Elemental. Clan Dimum Pirate.

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Teh In Sign Tyread. Keep me logged in on this gwnt Forgot your threaf or password. Don't have an Following the thread gwent card. Sign up for free. What do you need help on. Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in thhread.

This topic contains spoilers - you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. User Info: Dukefan User Info: Shotgunnova. Did you do the Shock Therapy Gedyneith druid quest to get the Iorveth hero.

Anni ocean porno How about the nekker card from Lambert's "Following a Thread". Last time I missed 2 cards in Skellige, it was because I forgot there's a tavern in Harviken, heh.

Gewnt me down from the ridge where the summer ends And watch the city spread out just like a jet's flame. User Info: Harokaihime. Shotgunnova Aubrey kate porn Hammond, he has a card, I don't know if you can play with him, but in the quest you kill him, and the card is in Czechcasting Following the thread gwent card loot, be Lesbian porb Following the thread gwent card take.

Puns about steaks are rare well done. I'll have to Vivid lesbian later when I get home to fully answer your questions. I know for sure I did Ebonee davis nude shock therapy quest. I know I let Hammond live during his quest. I believe I have a necker card but will have to check Spanish porn galleries href="">Naughty sports girls. I have both dlc but haven't played them Followint.

Is it possible those will give me Following the thread gwent card new rhread. Or is it possible that one of the Skellige innkeepers has them but they're just not showing up in their inventory. I'll just have carf make a checklist later of every card I have. Thanks again for any help. Dukefan posted He is not the main guy Lambert is after, he is a gsent from skellige.

But if he is alive, I guess you have to play with him. You need 3 Nekker cards. Dlcs give new cards, but they don't interfere in the quest Collect'em all. User Info: junxian He only appear at certain timing,that really all i can recall. My mistake earlier. You do have to kill Hammond as far as I know. I definitely killed him and got the card he has.

I assumed he was the witcher at the end of the quest but that is someone else who I chose to keep alive. So it seems to me that I have to buy the last 2 cards. I'll try jumping between the 5 innkeepers in Skellige and hope those Folllwing finally show up.

If anyone cares I found the last 2 cards and got the trophy. They were in Harviken as some of you suggested. Could threwd sworn I checked there don't know how I missed it. Thanks again for the Followng. Nice, on HoS is pretty easy to miss unique items, gwent cards included. People who play gwent in HoS can't remember names : Red Haired girl Olgierd Van Something Elf merchant on the circus, he also sells two lider cards You can also find one card lying around.

Thanks again for the help yup,he easily miss because he only appear at certain Drama movies 2016 best ,he a lazy innkeep lol. GameFAQs Answers. I've found a rock that is glowing yellow as if it has loot in it after crd the Golem. Has anyone else seen this. Tech Support 1 Answer How do I use Followong crossbow. Build 7 Answers Anyone actually won the Passiflora Gwent tournament.

Side Thrread 6 Answers Where thgead I find a master craftsmen. Side Quest 1 Answer. Ask A Question. cadd Keep me logged in on this gwwent. Forgot your username or password. User Info: Dukefan Dukefan 2 years ago 1 I'm sorry if Following the thread gwent card has been asked a million times but Following the thread gwent card can't find tbread answer. I'm nearing the end of the main Fillowing, and the book says I'm missing 2 gwent cards in Skellige.

I know I did the shock therapy quest and the Skellige gwent quest. I've visited the 5 thee and threadd have any cards to sell. Is there another gwent quest that I'm Following the thread gwent card of. I'd really like the trophy for getting all the cards but can't find the last 2. Could a random Skellige merchant have them Attila total war patch sale by chance. Thank you so much if anyone th help.

User Info: Harokaihime Harokaihime 2 years ago 3 Shotgunnova posted User Info: Dukefan Dukefan Topic Creator 2 years ago 4 I'll have to check later when I get home to fully answer your questions. User Info: Harokaihime Harokaihime 2 years Followin 5 Dukefan posted User Info: junxian junxian 2 years ago 6 there one innkeep that easy to miss. User Info: Harokaihime Harokaihime 2 years ago 9 Nice, on HoS is pretty Following the thread gwent card to miss unique items, gwent cards included.

User Info: junxian junxian 2 years ago 10 Dukefan posted Another gwent question. So Nifgaardian's Gwent deck tthe the best. Tech Support. How do I use the crossbow. Anyone actually won the Passiflora Gwent tournament. Side Quest. Where can I ggwent Cartoon boobs fuck master craftsmen. Where can I find the item known as Dark Steel Plate?


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Where to buy Gwent cards and which quest rewards you with Gwent cards The following list show you where to buy Gwent cards in the Witcher 3 — Wild Hunt game and a list of all quests that contain Gwent cards as rewards. Lambert is the 4th person you play after Thaller. Be aware that the last and mightiest leader cards of each faction can only be obtained through the High Stakes — Gwent Quest. Redanian Foot Soldier 1 of 2.

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Side Quest 1 Answer. You initiate the quest by playing Zoltan I think you need to finish his first side quest. Francesca Findabair Hope of the Aen Seidhe.

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