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Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor. In the metal trailer caravan on the south edge of the excavation area, close to two other trailers. Improved short barrel. Lowest floor filleting room, on a small table, north west corner. In the metal office overlooking the generator room, before descending to the main treatment chamber. The Switchboard in Lexington. Perry's holotape. Armes uniques Armures uniques Armures Super Mutants. There are also 3 additional magazines that can be added through Creation Club purchases. Only the holotape is available, not the magazine.

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Improved long barrel. Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant. The Shamrock Taphouse.

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Adhesive x4 Plastic x10 Screw x6. Improved damage, sighted accuracy and recoil. National Guard Training Yard. Sunshine Tidings co-op.

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Mass Pike Tunnel East or West. Adhesive x3 Glass x3 Plastic x5 Screw x2. On the counter of a blown out building where Dawson Wakefield spawns during Malevolent Malfunction.

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They can be found throughout the Commonwealth , but are particularly popular with the Brotherhood of Steel and the Gunners. Adhesive x3 Glass x2 Plastic x4 Screw x3 Silver x2. Vault 75 Vault Improved automatic barrel. For an overview of Gatling laser models in the Fallout series of games, see Gatling laser. Modifications: automatic barrel, standard grip, standard sights. Fallon's department store. Magazines can be stored on display at settlements if the player character builds a magazine rack and transfers them to that storage. On the large central laboratory table, lowest floor of the sub-level, where the Prevent is located. Inside the parking lot, to the west of the Hospital.

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The LAER resembles a mix of many existing energy weapons; the barrel looks like the pulse gunthe microfusion cell is held in a basket on the bottom like a plasma riflethe stock Fallout 4 laer magazine locations similar to a laser Fallout 4 laer magazine locations it displays vacuum tubes similar to a recharger rifle.

It also offers very high damage on par with the plasma caster for low ammunition consumption making it a 3d porn craft Fallout 4 laer magazine locations all around weapon.

Drawbacks of this weapon include its low critical hit damage, low item HP and its rarity, so the player may have to rely on the Jury Rigging perk or weapon repair kitsespecially if using over or max charged ammunition. It has a very high spread for an energy rifle, equivalent to the mgaazine RCWlimiting its usefulness at longer ranges.

The LAER can fire a total of about times using standard cells, the equivalent of 19 reloads, or 14 reloads when modified Falkout the auxiliary recharger chip, from full condition before locattions. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Old World Blues. Weapons in Fallout: New Vegas. Locatoins Weapons. Cut content. magazlne Leanne rowe nude weapons. Elijah's advanced LAER.

Cardiac Arrest. Klein's gloveDr. Klein's scrubsDr. Big Mountain Transportalponder. Codac R


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Inside the parking lot, to the west of the Hospital. Poor hip-fire accuracy. Med-Tek research. Parentheses denote unique weapon variants.

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Grandchester Mystery Mansion. Adhesive x3 Glass x3 Plastic x5 Screw x2. Sign In Don't have an account?

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