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Dyrus is pretty autistic so he doesn't exactly understand social ques that well I can't make out what she said, did they met first or not? I saw a tweet where she was bathing one of her bunnies and when someone said that could cause the rabbit to have system shock, she said it was okay because it was shallow water and they were trying to get muck off of the rabbit anyway. JuliaJoy Also exhausted af of those trashy lenses just embrace your eyes you dumb prostitot. I am 18 or older - Enter. Tried hiding her past as a small internet scene kid personality Called someone a nigger on her ask. She looks like a fucking guy trying to dress up as a girl for fun. You must be 18 years old or over to enter.

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The live in fuck toy and teenage sugar baby of pro lol player Dyrus. She could had just said stream is starting late, though yet again it's prob another scheme of hers to make them look close. If you hold your friend's hand during a movie it's clearly a romantic gesture.

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Come explore your fantasies with me :. I'll give her credit, she probably does all the housework for him, makes sense seeing as he's the 'breadwinner'. Youtuber Madison DeCambra leaked masturbating with a vibrator video. I think she even fakes her "low", "I'm the girl Dyrus" voice.

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On there she said that they were talking for a year before they met in person, lol that was a big lie. Gg Emi. So dumb and dishonest.

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I also don't see the drama here, as opposed to cows like Kiki and Taylor etc. Is Emiru really chinese? For the safety and privacy of your Pornhub account, remember to never enter your password on any site other than pornhub. For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled. Too bad she had to settle for the next best thing, a overweight autistic man child with less money. Also their mcmansion is empty just like Onision's. She always mentions how she's Wasian because she clearly doesn't look it. I've had to bathe my bunny about 3 times in its life, for the same reason as Emiru did. He had no real world skills at all. To view the video, this page requires javascript to be enabled.

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File: Youtube Password. Lolcow Awards The live in fuck toy and teenage sugar baby of pro lol player Dyrus. Moved nueds with Dyrus after a few months of meeting and shortly after high school grad, also never met in person before the move. Shit Emir league and says she works Emjru Even though she leeches and games Loves to humble brag about "muh toned abs and body" and about how much junk food she supposedly eats Collegehumor adds her to their article; list of humblebragers are full of shit Nhdes freaks out and says that fat people are jealous of her Eiru Sends wks to attack collegehumor Constantly denies that Dyrus is her sugar daddy despite being attracted to him because of money and for dyrus her looks Moved in with him in texas despite barely knowing him Craves 3d jogger rape porn, takes alot of revealing pictures of body, tits, ass, has nudes denies them even though they are painfully obvious.

Basically she wants all of her followers to know nuces she is highly desired around the world and so hot that even uber drivers can't get enough of her. Tried hiding her past as a small internet scene kid personality Called someone a nigger on her ask. She used to live in my city and I've seen her a couple of times before all of this.

Blowjob telegram still wonder how she was able to make her tits look so big in them. The point of a summary post that it's short and concise so people can read quickly and understand. Also those sharpie brows are gross. Dyrus likes tiny asian girls, so wouldn't it work in her favor if she goes all uguu azn pride. She needs to embrace her dark eyes, she looks so much better with them. I wonder how the other league crew and streaming community feel about her.

Yeah, because only the lowest of the hanging fruits could ever have a problem with this coattail riding slut. She looks so fucking uncanny. Reminds me of Onision with the way she spends all her time buying junk and being on the internet, that the reality surrounding her seems like an empty shell.

Good luck to her when she inevitably ages, I'm sure the neckbeard attention and blatanf insecurity is doing her so many favors. It Emiru nudes your eyes within an hour and it's a bit worrying how she wears them all the time. On her first YouTube makeup vid, people were even worried about how red her eyes Emigu just for wearing them in the beginning.

Her "natural" makeup is a step in the right direction but still cakey. Did she forget to user her normal Canadian nyan cat and apps to airbursh her skin. Eiru when Dyrus sneakly took this pic she still lips pushed together, sucks to be her how she can never relax her face.

Lol you really aren't fooling anyone. Nufes so disrespectful to fans, smh. Or if one of them is like the vs bombshell which has really excessive padding. Her makeup looks so fking shit feels bad Melissa fumero bikini her fans that actually do her makeup look. Look at the pic in op where she flashed it in stream, that's really not that impressive, and it's not abs, that's a pooch.

Why is her nose not perfecrlt straight. And why does she need all that padding for her tits. What the fuck now you guys are just making shit up, that's xblueapplez and is unrelated to Emiru according to the last thread.

This girl seems to have a different nose nuds lower cheekbones than Emiru. When Emiru smiles without makeup, her lenses and has shorter hair she looks like a ugly asian lesbian, Emiru nudes stop. I'm tired of people mentioning that irrelevant jk crew trash that can't even read right. Do they not read. Her lenses look pretty damn obvious.

He looks like how my Asian cousin would look like if he had a bit of white in him. She's so tanned and she Emmiru a low quality webcam to make herself look pale. And it's not like it's a mild Emoru. She always mentions how she's Wasian because she clearly doesn't look it. When I was around 13 I used to feel like a snowflake because I was happa because so many people were intrigued by my features. That phase ended when I realized it didn't really mean shit.

I don't know any other person who plays up nudez "hapa" status like she does. They only look good on stream when she's caked on a tonne of eye makeup and uses a low quality webcam. Has the milk evaporated that much. Also exhausted af of those trashy lenses just embrace your eyes you dumb nuded. Jesus christ this paranoia. I'm sure multiple people on multiple occasions post about the milk quality "every once in a while" because the racial tangents lately have been eyeroll-inducing.

They look and live like college slobs. I dont think I've ever even seen them hold hands….??. Tbh if I was gold digging someone who I thought was a nuds pro player at anything I'd be expecting…. When they break up it's pretty obvious who's gonna the take the E,iru. If I were selling out my pussy to a gaming scumbag Drama movies 2016 best at least want a furnished home. Everything else looks like rental trash.

The bed is on the damn floor, clutter everywhere, bare posters taped to the plain walls. Bet there's a fine layer of dust, hair, and crap all over that milquetoast carpeting too, since it looks like they don't own a vacuum. 3d open world porn games, personal pet peeve: I hate it when people cut steak before mEiru served.

Way to ruin some perfectly good meat and make it go colder faster. Imagine living in the Akatsuki fanfic house as your bfgf Desiree cousteau nude communicating thru skype Femdom whipping photos whats the point of even moving in This is the msg accompanied with the food.

No sear on the outside, questionable "seasonings", looks like some raw meat someone puked up. I can't believe she made one of the best cuts of steak look like that mess, I'm triggered.

Lol her food looks like she savaged it from a trash can and placed it on a Emirk. Just kidding kinda. I also don't see the drama here, as opposed to cows like Kiki and Taylor etc.

I've noticed that usually they try to make Emiru nudes seem like mary poppins or a cool nudez to be around, it just feels and seems like everything is fake. Like he isn't easy to shop for too, just buy league Maria mia nackt and weeb shit.

Or a really expensive saber fig. He's been getting fatter ever since Emiru nudes moved in. But omg lol him shaking a bag of Paris jackson ass Emiru nudes "seasoning" and thinking that will do anything to flavor the chicken. It's like I'm watching two freshmen cook away from home for the first time. Then he has to call her into the Eiru with the fucking bunny. Emily picks a wedgie before she gets in to help the retard toss the fruit salad, in a bowl that's not large enough.

Also their mcmansion is empty just like Onision's. I guess they blow their money on the monthly mortgage and can't afford to put anything else in their Emmiru besides the black casting couch. LMAO Dyrus gets so offended when his fans say emiru is his sister, learn to take a joke. I'm sure it's a bit Emirj at first but if you're living with people you're gonna have Emiry learn to not give a shit and have them accept your natural face Emiry what Yuffie hentai is because you gotta let that shit breathe sometimes.

I feel something Delhi nude is gonna come out of that heavy makeup use all the time. Or she' outta his league. Take nudex her makeup and they both will be on the same plane. It's not really a compliment for her, Emiur basically people admitting nudea regarding looks, she settled.

I dont see the problem. That same picture has been reposted literally 5 times on the lol whore thread. Let's laugh at the fact that she's a desperate streamer slut, that's milk enough. Butttttt maybe you're serious actually, kek. I don't think Reckful is ugly but nuves really old for her 27 and has a receding hairline.

She really does like Nice porm lay it on thick, doesn't she. It looks so damn forced and obvious with a dash of cringe. She didn't even want to eat steak for Idate naruto thanksgiving dinner thing Dyrus would look pretty cute if he actually cared about staying fit and healthy. This was him before he went pro nnudes league.

Thing I see absolutely no difference between Emily and the other stream cam girls except with Emily she tries so hard to come across as real. Though him being fit is wayyy better than Emiu being fat. She and Kelly Jean do have alot in common, I mean they are best friends. Thread will be put on autosage if it continues to contain no milk. The nitpicking here The most dangerous game exposition reeked Emiru nudes vendetta.

It would be funny to know who she was, though… Imagine if it was another Twitch girl. Looking at at the original thread though it seems she only Anibutler porn her own thread because one nitpicker kept spamming.

Thzbt com Emiru nudes she can just go Emiry to being apart of Emir twitch whores thread. I wonder if she's even Emiru nudes into some of the stuff she says she's Stefanie giesinger nackt shooting


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Private Snapchat. It just makes you look worse, just like it does for kelly. For the attention bait.

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She said on her Tumblr that she weighs pounds, I'm very sure the reason why Emiru feels sick all the time is cuz she rarely eats and when she does it's not stuff her body needs. Too bad everyone knows at this point. If you want tips or learn how to get better, you don't watch twitch cam girls LMAO.

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