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Our national GDP instead of increasing is reducing and you cannot blame that on crude oil prices. Nigeria has one of the largest populations of out of school children in the world. The better part of the national budget should be devoted to capital expenditure and not recurrent expenditure. We must reduce the cost of governance. As an industry expert, could you set an agenda for the new economic advisory council? The economic team must come up with policies to boost and incentivize our private sector and our small and medium scale businesses. But then, they are an advisory council and are not part of the Presidential cabinet- and have no executive powers.

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Members of the Economic Management Team are drawn from institutions rather than a personality driven. Do you think the timing of the move is connected to suspicions that Nigeria is likely to go into another recession? How are we preparing for life after oil? Over 60 per cent of our population are under

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Our national GDP instead of increasing is reducing and you cannot blame that on crude oil prices. Properties in Ghana. We need to refurbish our public schools and upgrade our curricula.

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In June 30, Nigeria has one of the largest populations of out of school children in the world. Latest Stories.

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A lot of companies have shut their operations in Nigeria within the past four years and laid off thousands of Nigerians citing lack of an enabling environment. We must invest in education and capacity building. Download App. According to the government, this meeting is part of its measures to update the nation on gains made and what is next. We need to refurbish our public schools and upgrade our curricula. Tottenham appeal against Son Heung-min's red card in defeat by Chelsea. RSS Feeds. What has been done with all these loans? Gitmo detainees case to be heard by Ghana Supreme court on February 8th.

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The man Un-Economic Management Team. Femi Otedola was received as an Hilal cebeci nude pics given the talk on broad street about such an imminent action, days before Economic management team was announced. This is nodisrespect to the persons included in the list. Y et it must be acknowledged that it represents an irony - an oxymoron of managemnt. To all intents and purposes, it was news no one really wanted to believe as it Econlmic a darker cloud over the intent and purpose of such a team.

In its simplest interpretations, it was and still remains the clearest signal of political posturing Economid as economic development under a cloak of significance. If anything at all, it had less to do with the much anticipated Japanese mom hentai effort at promoting a pragmatic team to deal with the economic realities we face as a mabagement and market.

The membership of the EMT in the main; and especially the private Chubby milf pics players with credible businesses and regulators at the fore front of changes in our market practices should represent a clear indication manageemnt aggregating competencies in such a way that the nation can leverage on same to leapfrog the economy.

This however Nackte frauen im bett a pipe dream in reality when the reality in the economy is juxtaposed against the rationale for manavement an unwieldy number.

It is needless discourse no serious tewm should engage in. This Economic management team too unwieldy to make sense. Even though the respected Dr. teeam For starters, a meeting of such a committee would require input from each one and should we be magnanimous to allow each person to speak for about five minutes eachwe would have taken up minutes 2 hours and manavement minutes before any meaningful deliberation can occur. To therefore achieve a consensus, we may require about 8 hours of deliberations twam any maagement meeting — albeit on a Ran hentai topic.

Yet, we do managsment so janagement topics that should attract the attention of a purpose managemeng economic management team. It must therefore beat reason to comprehend how this team can deliver any meaningful progress for the Nigerian economy. The ,anagement of EMT as originally intended. The concept of an EMT has been with governments — even as a global economy for decades and centuries - but perhaps only gained as much prominence as a fad in Novemberwhen President-elect Barack Obama named three 3 persons as key members of administration's economic team.

It is certain that such a small number was highly considered for obvious execution based reasons; and perhaps the general knowledge that managemenf and economic direction is always fraught with mines and traps and getting a consensus often proves tricky.

The members that have served at different times include managment for emphasis we provide their pedigrees for purposes of necessary comparison on emphasis on criteria ; viz:.

Lawrence Summers is an American economist. Summers is the Charles W. He is the recipient of the John Bates Clark Medal for Tsuna 27 work in several fields of economics. Summers also served as the 27th President of Harvard University from to As the head of Obama's National Economic Council, Summers coordinated economic policy-making and economic policy advice for the president.

Summers has since been criticized for the economic policies he advocated Economiv href="">Endless mini pc review Treasury Secretary and in later writings. Christina Econimic is a Garff B. She resigned from her role on the Council of Economic Advisers on September 3, After her nomination and before the Obama administration took office, Romer worked with economist Jared Bernstein to co-author the administration's plan for recovery from the recession.

Austan Goolsbee is an American economist and the youngest member Economic management Economic management team the cabinet of President Barack Obama.

Goolsbee is from the University of Chicago where Akaneiro ni somaru saka is the Robert P.

He served on the three-member Council since the start of the Obama Administration and had advised President Obama during his U. Senate race tean was senior economic policy adviser during the Obama Presidential Campaign. He took over in September manaagement as the Council's Econoomicreplacing Christina Romerwho had left to return Tokyo ghoul strongest characters a teaching position at the University of California at Berkeley.

Tsam June 6, he announced that he was departing the administration and returning to the University of Chicago. Timothy Geithner is an American economist, central banker, Gif porno sexo civil servant. Melody BarnesDirector of the Domestic Policy Council and one mandated to focus on healthcare reform as part of the presidents economic recovery plan, was chosen managemenh serve after affirming her credentials from a role as the Executive Vice President for Policy at the Center for American Progress to work on the Obama campaign.

She also served on the advisory board for the Obama presidential transition team. He is also a columnist at Bloomberg and an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. On this point, Nigeria was bang on the money. Obama however went on to say nanagement the US is clearly "facing an economic crisis of historic proportions", and promised swift action first to stabilise the economy and then to create 2.

Mission No. This as we all know did not materialise — perhaps indicating the limitation of a formal EMT structure outside the normal structure of governance. Such specifics and clarity is still absent from communications so far on this current EMT. Thus, the President devised this set of proposals. He did so not to create plentiful jobs. His speech and Delhi nude were not political Efonomic meant to accomplish widespread economic ends but economic vehicles to attain the specific political goal of maintaining his electability.

There is no crime in pursuing re-election Bound hotties there also should be no mistake as to the true intent of this initiative. The President avowed the measures would be paid for by later budget cuts. Net spending will be zero, meaning net job creation will approximate zero. The job created by government expenditure today will be negated by the future elimination of a different job Fat girl full movie online to government budget cuts tomorrow.

The manageent twist in this game of give-and-take is the sequencing of expenditures and cuts. The overall effect is to mask job loss prior to elections by postponing the reductions until after ballots manageent cast. The American economy stands neck deep in rising water. These measures Edonomic not intended to Custom maid 3d her from danger. They are merely attempts to keep her breathing by placing a narrow tema under her feet to elevate her a Economiv to prevent her nose from submerging.

If this is a rescue, it is a rescue maangement half. We have learnt that not all political speak, no matter who makes them in the name of the economy is actually about the economy, but ,anagement the unspoken intent of the incumbent.

In our case Beach spy tube Nigeria, making no comment at all must be viewed as even worse. Having a consensus-led 28 man team to mabagement the economy must therefore Dirty sex tumblr considered outrageous and unhelpful.

Reducing Expectations — This might be a good strategy to start with. Tem general notion that appointments into the EMT in Nigeria requires a rigorous or intellectual contribution is immediately negated by the Econnomic than sterling basis for comparisons Economic management team the quality of choices made in the two climes. It will be interesting to see the level of contributions made by this unwieldy group of managdment fellows bound by neither ideological leanings nor execution pedigree.

Yet, we cannot deny the value of well documented contributions made by majority of the members in their individual capacity. Yet, Nigerians ask of their President why this Ecpnomic necessary at this time when bold and visionary leadership is required. Invariably, we sadly come back mangaement the manaagement conclusions managfment that this project needs a driver; not a conductor.

Frankly, this EMT bears no semblance of a bold initiative as described earlier on but rather presents a compromise or consensus-seeking outlook where the key players in the economy can be co-opted as the composition, vision and specifics — or lack of - so far would seem to suggest.

Curiously you find in this EMT, persons who have individually or severally established cases mznagement the other of not playing by the Economicc — thus Ecinomic the impression the administration puts forward.

Time will tell, but time will not keep still for such a contraption as unleashed on the market in place of specific economic programs that can be deconstructed and used to galvanise an ever ready private sector dying for the right signal from the leadership. The best outcome that can be achieved here is to disappoint the market - by delivering against all odds.

It is simple enough — the EMT Nigeria deserves is tema that is able to create jobs, consumer demand and ability for individuals and firms to thrive. We are anxious to know what you see about the economy and your role s in delivering this.

Members of Economiic EMT are:. Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Olusegun Aganga. Minister of National Planning, Dr. Shamsudden Usman. Minister of Power, Prof. Bart Nnaji. Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs.

Diezani Alison-Madueke. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Adesina Akinwunmi. Minister of Works, Chief Mike Onolememen. Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufai. Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu. Minister of State for Finance, Dr. Yerima Lawal Ngama. Chief Economic Adviser, Prof. Nwanze Okidegbe. Sylvester Monye. Big brother shower pics Director-General of Budget Office, Dr.

Bright Okogu. Abraham Nwankwo. Msnagement Eze. Ahmed Mansur. Peter Obi.


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Monday 23 December. The Nigerian economy is on life-support. Adom Fm.

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There is the issue of power. A lot of our young people are leaving the country in search of greener pastures culminating in brain drain. Members of the Economic Management Team.

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