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After Toneri leaves with her, Naruto is able to release her from Toneri's control, at which point she apologises to him for her earlier behavior, though he states he already understands and forgives her. Main article: Kawaki Arc When Boruto's team returned from their mission with a mysterious boy of unique abilities , rather than lock him up, Naruto, sympathising as a former man-made potential weapon, decided to treat the boy as a guest to the village and let him live at his home. Main article: Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze After returning from the Moon as an official couple, the news of their relationship spread like wildfire, leading to former classmates and older ninja teasing them. Yeah, i don't see that happening either, seems she's retired and happy being a housewife. Neji repeatedly tells her to forfeit, but Hinata refuses, unwilling to back down both as a matter of principle and because Naruto continues to cheer for her. By thinking of Neji and Naruto, she finds the resolve to follow through to its end and defeats the clone. She even defends Naruto from himself when he's in doubt, repeating to him his refusal to never give up when he begins contemplating doing just that.

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Naruto is eventually rescued and life in Konoha returns to normal. She and Himawari see Naruto and Boruto off at the front door, wishing them both luck with their respective days. Thanks and have fun.

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When Hinata is summoned to a meeting with the Fifth Hokage , Hinata is hopeful that she will also get sent on such a mission. She even defends Naruto from himself when he's in doubt, repeating to him his refusal to never give up when he begins contemplating doing just that. Sakura heals her, but when she's told that Boruto plans to join Sasuke's rescue effort, she forces herself up so that she can stop him from going. This changes Hinata's chakra from blue to purple and makes her uniquely able to destroy the Tenseigan.

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She admires him deeply for this courage and eventually fell in love with him, which manifests as increased shyness and speechlessness when around him. In the anime, Kakashi Hatake recruits Team 8's members to help him investigate one of Orochimaru 's recently-discovered bases. After a day of fighting, Neji collapses from exhaustion, at which point Hinata takes responsibility for monitoring the Second Division's perimeter with her Byakugan. Her ultimate can hit around 22k normal and 33k bonus element.

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Sign up for free! One Tailed Naruto did actually happen, but that whole thing with Awakened Hinata di not. And theres no way Hinata can match up to Naruto he's a jinchuuriki. Toneri is repentant and remains behind when they head home, vowing not to let the Moon endanger the Earth again. The dinner's conversation turns to Naruto, during which Hinata realises that she doesn't need to go on a mission with Naruto to be able to help him. When she saw how badly hurt he was, she immediately fainted. Jutsu Video. She reports this to Inoichi Yamanaka , who is able to use the information to help Naruto save them.

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A small quirk of A. From Naruto: Awakeened of Ninja. Categories : Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen. Navigation menu Personal tools Awakened hinata in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Yes, my password is: Toggle Visibility. Start a Wiki. Hinata's outlook sees a shift after her appointment to Team 8.

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Forgot your username or password? Her jutsu can hit around 6k normal and 10k bonus element. Naruto stops there on his way to finals and is glad to see she's better. Main article: Pain's Assault.

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