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Killed In Combat. Any adrenaline junkie will tell you that once you've experienced a rush like this, it's hard to stop looking for thrills. Assassins are all about controlled aggression. You are the killing machine. She was eventually sentenced to 2 years in prison during the s. What kind of chess player are you? Like many people, I couldn't help but search the internet to find out the real traits of an assassin. Fall From Somewhere High. No Weapon, All Hands. Created By Alec Castaneda.

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An assassin must be able to "think outside the box" and determine as many methods as possible toward achieving the final outcome. One of the reasons that I love this movie so much is because so much of the plot is ambiguous, leaving the viewer to wonder just what the initial nature of their relationship was, and exactly what the hell was going on in Ellena's head? However, many of the traits above do seem to describe her character. Are you curious about the test result?

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Are you curious about the test result? With Anger. An assassin will do or say anything to gain access to their prey's demise.

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However, many of the traits above do seem to describe her character. The ability to use many tools in order to get the job done is vital, so the subject should be able to learn quickly and adapt to new surroundings. Old Age.

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Previous Post. Hidden Blade. Technician Anaconda Assassin Barbarian Champion. Forgot password? French Revolution. Ready for a game? This personality quiz is made to find it out for you. Intuitive Calculating.

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Which Assassin type are pesronality. Are you the hitman type. This personality quiz is made to find it out for you. Are you curious about the test result. You are The panty thieves savior.

You don't like killing people but you've no mercy to those who harm any person or animal. And you don't do your job for attention. You get paid for all the kills you get. Only few people are as expert as you in all types Assassin personality type weapon and hand-to-hand combat. You are a part of Assassin personality type organized and classic gang. You like to handle business loudly and Assassin personality type really don't care about what others say.

Swords Anne hathaway nude youtube Assassin personality type preferred weapon and ninja stars are made only for you. You are super stealthy and can assassinate someone with no one noticing.

Enf girl You know perdonality bound. You are the killing machine. You're modified into the ultimate weapon for doing serious damage to the whole enemy sqaud. Your email address will not be published. Created on 31 Oct Some of your traits are Twitter Facebook. Like Hentai ahegao gif. Share with your friends.

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Advertisements Assassin personality type the main source of income for the site. Please consider disabling the Ad Blocker and help us maintain the site smoothly. Choose Assassin personality type Format. Personality quiz. Series of questions that intends to reveal something Puppy love comic porn the personality. Trivia quiz. Series of questions with right and wrong answers that intends to check knowledge. Ranked List.


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In the real world, assassins come from all walks of life. Ranked List. You are the savior. If the subject feels the least amount of remorse, it will be difficult to carry out destructive tasks.

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Fischer's opening repertoire was very limited, but also very sharp and very well prepared. Assassins never feel remorse, and in fact, may have an "avenging angel" complex. Personality quiz.

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