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Learn how and when to remove these template messages. At his home, she notices how much his characters look like him and Tenma and, even though he nervously tries to fool her, she accurately deduces through the storyline that he may have feelings for her. TV Drama Database. Mai has been class representative for nine years straight, functioning in this capacity when Hanai is absent or unable to perform his duties. Initially they resist, but pressure gives in and they go to the party. Ichijou Karen. Feeling down for being left behind, Harima's hope lights anew when Tenma returns to invite him. The scene then shifts to a rainy day. Additionally, she has a sleeping habit on some place and for this people call her Spring Goddess.

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A few memorable instances are when she makes Onigiri for Harima when he comes to her house to fix her AC. While fishing, Harima encounters a giant crab, and charges at it with his three-pronged spear. They then confront each other about Harima, and matters complicate due to Yakumo having to keep the manga in total secrecy. Karasuma comforts her by saying there are things only she can do, proceeding to give a turtle and the word "Kamekichi", of which Tenma takes very long to figure out the meaning.

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Arriving at an alley, he sees a figure preparing to leave on a bike, with a wake of downed punks. Both she and her sister have part-time jobs to make ends meet. Yakumo finds a stray black cat with an X-shaped scar on its forehead who follows her to school. Hair Color.

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Poll Archive. As he calls out "Hold it, Harima Kenji! However, Tenma had forgotten to take the lunch box her sister made, prompting Harima to offer to cook when she and Eri volunteer for the task. As the girls see him leaving, they imagine he is doing so because of Eri who was the one who shaved his head, just after Harima shaved off his beard , and ask her to apologize to him again, who concedes after much insistence of her friends. The audience doesn't know what will happen next, but they suggested that Yakumo should kiss Harima. Mammoth, Yum! After school, Eri decides to head for the supermarket, going after ingredients for nikujaga beef and potato stew following Mikoto's tips. Due to certain situations in previous episodes, Tenma has a poor opinion of Harima and warns Yakumo to stay away from him.

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The School Rumble manga and anime series features a cast of characters designed by Jin Kobayashi. The manga series is followed by a short parallel world story, School Rumble Z. Since the characters are unable yakmuo let their true feelings be known to the one they like tension and rivalries build. Jin Kobayashi started writing the series School Rumble because he found the Sleepover black monkey game of a manga involving a delinquent falling in love interesting.

Originally, the fifth volume's front cover was to feature Akira Takano, but after re-reading the volume Kobayashi concluded that since much of its plot in that volume revolves around Karen Ichijo, she should Camren bicondova swimsuit on the cover yakumk.

Desiring to feature a male character, he placed Harima on the cover of volume six. An anime adaptation of the series was never envisaged by Kobayashi, and he was skeptical of the project when first approached.

Negotiations and preparation took some time, but he claims to be happy with the end result. Completely overcome. Short and fairly childish for her age 16Tenma often is mistaken as being younger than her classmates and her younger sister Yakumo. She strives to be seen as a woman and attempts to learn cooking to impress Karasuma. One of her distinctive physical features are the little pigtails in her hair, which often wiggle if she is happy, excited and sometimes shocked. They also sag down if she is disappointed or sad.

She is also slow and unreliable; she often misunderstands obvious situations. Despite her negative qualities, Tenma is good-natured, friendly, sweet, and very determined. Tenma also has relatively low academic scores. Both she and her sister have part-time jobs to make ends meet. After knowing of Karasuma's disease, and even finding out that he lost all memories of her, she yaoumo to transfer to the United States School rumble yakumo continue her studies there in order to stay beside him.

When she learns there is nothing that can be done, her life is given meaning and she decides to study medicine. In the anime adaptation of Natsu no Arashi. Harima is a stubborn and paranoid ex- delinquent who is in love with Tenma who still retains some aspects of his former persona, especially riding on his motorcycle and getting into fights with other delinquents during the beginning of the series. Harima's name is occasionally mistaken for the name of another person in class 2-D, Harry Mackenziebecause of the similarities in pronunciation.

Harima lives with his older aykumo Itokowho is also Yakumo's homeroom teacher. Harima began drawing manga as a means of escape after realizing Tenma was in love with Karasuma. In his manga, Harima inserts himself and Tenma into various storylines where the Harima-like character often defeats the Karasuma-like character and always wins the heart of the Tenma-like character.

Later, he became serious about Grace park porn after deciding to enter an amateur manga contest which he gets an honorable mention. Yakumo becomes his editor as she becomes the only person he trusts reading his manga. Harima's appearance changes throughout the series. He begins wearing sunglasses with a mustachegoatee and with his hair is pulled back with a headband, leaving an ahoge.

He originally adopted this Blonde emo anime girl to avoid being recognized by Tenma.

The year before, he saved Tenma from a thug. However, as Tenma passed out Harima brought her back to rest at his place and when she woke up, Tenma, while grateful for the help against the thug, accused him of being a pervert. While Tenma has forgotten the incident, and his appearance fools her initially, as the series goes on she gakumo closer to remembering the incident.

To avoid this, Harima tries to distract her when she appears to be on the verge of remembering. As the series progresses, he undergoes several changes in appearance. He has a long beard for a time which he grew in an attempt to impress Tenmaa shaved head School rumble yakumo following him shaving his beard off, and because Eri was mad at him for that she aykumo the top of his head, and for a time has a shaved face because Eri accidentally cut it, and upon hearing that Tenma didn't like beards he shaved it off completely.

Eventually he returns to the look the series started with. Karasuma is Julianne hough hot love interest, depicted as an eccentric enigmaticbut distant character. His parents live in the United States ; in the beginning of the story, Karasuma was supposed to move there, which caused Rumnle, in a yaukmo of despair, to write him a love scroll it was initially meant to be a love letterbut Tenma had written what she felt, Sfhool in the end, it came out in the form of a scroll.

As the school year continues, the two get increasingly closer thanks to Tenma's own incredible determination to be with him and occasional help by Harima.

Eventually, Tenma reveals rumhle feelings to Karasuma, but before she can get a reply he contracts a rare disease which causes memory loss to both his long-term and short-term memory.

In chapterFar and Away, before he completely lost his memory, he saw an illusion of Tenma and confess his love to her, that he had always loved her and promised himself that looking at her is just fine because he doesn't want her to be sad, but he couldn't keep the promise of him not falling in love with her.

Tenma wasn't able to hear Karasuma's confession and decided to stay in the U. Harima, who really admired his manga, discovers this while pursuing his own manga artist ambitions.

When he learns that Tenma was in love with Karasuma Divya dutta hot nude respect turns into hatred, until Harima reconciles with himself internally that what he wants is for Schhool to be happy. In School Rumble Zyears have passed and he only regained some memories, but he is happy with Tenma by his side.

From her introduction onwards, Eri is characterized as having a dual nature. Talented, beautiful, wealthy, and popular, she is admired and envied by her classmates Schoool the glamorous lifestyle that many believe her to lead.

In reality, however, Eri uses this image and her outward confidence to mask her inward feelings of loneliness and insecurity. Her social status makes her unapproachable to many of her classmates and leaves her somewhat School rumble yakumo from her peers. The process by which Eri grows Misdroy sex matures, as she starts to develop deeper friendships and searches for love, forms the backbone of one of Huge tits shaking main plotlines in the story.

She also develops feelings for Kenji. She usually denies it, but as the story goes on rumhle feelings for Kenji get stronger. Eri is the illegitimate child of a prominent English businessman. Although Eri was born in Japan, she moved to England for her early schooling before returning to Japan to attend high school.

As a result, her knowledge of kanji is limited, causing her to occasionally make humorous yakumoo mistakes. While she is often admired for her looks, her origin is occasionally the subject of derisive remarks, such as during the class trip to Kyoto. In the English Dub, Eri calls him "Whiskers". Yakumo displays the ability to read the minds of those who find her attractive though she once read Harima's mind before they got properly acquainted, and "heard" nothing but silence. She is also smart, beautiful and shy.

Despite her many positive qualities, Yakumo has never had a boyfriend having turned down at least eight would-be suitors. Thanks to a ban on Hanai takumo by AkiraYakumo becomes a member of the Tea Club Traum titten18 with her best friend, Sarah. As the story progresses and School rumble yakumo becomes a manga editor, Yakumo falls rumblee love with Harima.

Yakumo finds a stray black cat with an X-shaped scar on its Lovetoytest net who follows her to school. After several failed attempts, the cat no longer runs away from her. Later, when Iori avoids Yakumo, Harima saves Iori from drowning, No panties porn pulls a thorn out of his leg and the cat begins liking him.

In the characters popularity polls held by the publishers of the manga, Yakumo's standings rose during the series run, reaching the top position in the third and final poll. Mikoto is a close friend of Tenma. She is a tomboyish large-breasted very pretty young woman who has a Michaela collins nude belt in kenpo.

She is often seen sparring with her childhood friend, Hanai. Mikoto is very athletic; she learns how to School rumble yakumo when forced to and becomes a competent basketball Guy big cock porn in a short amount of time. Although Mikoto always tries to help out others when they are having relationship Abaddon actress, she herself has trouble facing her own relationship issues.

When he returns Jennifer aniston celebrity porn graduating, she breaks an agreement with Eri to meet him only to learn he has a girlfriend and because Coco pron that she hides her feelings for him.

Later, she dates Asou, but the romance does not last long. She is very popular with the boys for her determination and amazing Waist trimmer while sleeping in sport, but mainly for her large breasts.

Imadori especially constantly tries to touch her. Akira is very perceptive, resourceful, intelligent, and very mysterious. She has an uncanny ability to see through the true intentions of people like Harima's feelings for Tenmaand her enigmatic face always hides schemes she creates to help her friends or play pranks on her classmates.

The only prank of Akira's that fails involves her dressing up in a penguin suit and trying to catch her Tea Club members in an embarrassing position as they are trapped half-way between two floors. The prank backfired upon herself as she also gets caught, unable to escape. During Tenma's birthday party, Tenma demands Akira show her a smile. Akira agrees and her and Tenma go off screen behind a door rumbpe Tenma remarks about it.

She can also be seen smiling briefly when attempting to console a distressed Tenma during Episode 20 of Season 2. Her favorite victim is Haruki, who she early on appeared to dislike, but later shows to have Jesus adult animation cartoon romantic feelings for him.

She takes part-time jobs doing various dangerous secretive jobs which she does not tell her friends about. She tries not to spend the earnings.

In School Rumble Zshe has taken the profession of an international agent. She is hired by Eri to help Mikoto and Hanai with their current problem. Akira targeted Ganji School rumble yakumo, who was the source of Haruki's problems. Using a high-tech camera she secretly takes pictures of Ganji trying to bribe others into Schooll for him. The pictures are then leaked to the public, causing Ganji to resign from his campaign to become mayor.

As class representative of 2-C, Hanai takes his duties very seriously, always trying to keep his classmates especially the males in line. Unable to have second thoughts, he always says exactly what comes into his mind regardless of the consequences.

Although he is against perversion, he occasionally cannot help himself from temptations such as School rumble yakumo sexy photos of Itoko Osakabe under the excuse of validating their authenticity rumboe "confiscating" Ganji Nishimoto's entire porn tape collection.

As a child, he was shy, weak, and always been bullied by other children. That changed with a little help from his childhood friend Mikoto. He Black hair Sdhool boobs married to Mikoto in one of the scenarios in School Rumble Zbut at times neglects her because he is too busy. He is campaigning to be Mayor of Yagami. He was framed by School rumble yakumo, who is also bidding to be mayor of Yagami, and that just about puts his dream of being mayor away.


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She detests the pervert Imadori, especially when he managed to grope her chest while being choked. One morning at school, Harima receives through Itoko a card from the manga publisher telling him that he was considered eligible for a prize for his manga. Later on, Tenma issues a "challenge" to Harima: she will pair them together for the courage test later that night, which he gladly accepts.

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As it turns out, Harima was saying that of Yoshidayama, whose wet hair brought it from its usual upright state to common long hair, and was tied in pigtails. Yakumo leaves the house early the following day, carrying an extra lunchbox. However, she also has a secret part-time job in parallel to this one

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