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The following is a list of characters that have appeared on the television series. Although some are named for, Telugu actress list based upon, characters from Kass Morgan's The novel seriesthere are others created Emily osment cleavage for the television series.

Sky People also known as Arkersor Skaikru in Trigedasleng Selenda white a term the Grounders use for the people who came from the international space station known as the Ark. The Sky People alive today are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years before the series Lindsey shaw fake nude living in space in the Ark.

Within the Sky People community, there is a subgroup. Known as The also known as the delinquentsthis group Hana jirickova nude one hundred juvenile delinquents who, after it became clear that the Ark was dying, were sent to Earth in order to determine if the planet had become habitable enough for the rest of the Sky People to survive in exchange for being pardoned of their crimes.

However, the name the is a slight misnomer, since, along with the aforementioned hundred delinquents, there were also two additional young adults who came with them to Earth; one was a security guard who snuck aboard their ship to ensure the safety of his sister, and the other was a young engineer who came down to Earth in a pod shortly afterward to reassure the council that the delinquents survived their journey.

In the sixth season, due to everything that has happened, it is revealed that there aren't many Sky People left when Abby asks for blood donations to save Marcus Kane. Grounders or Outsidersas they are Sexy jules by the Mountain Men is any of the groups of people who were born on Earth rather than in space or in Mount Weather.

The Grounders are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago, due to their enhanced tolerance to nuclear radiation. Many of the Sky People have negative views toward Grounders, who they see as barbaric stone-age savages, just like a lot of Grounders have a negative view of Thewho they see as hostile colonizers, though relations between the two groups are slowly improving over time. The Grounders speak an English-based pidgin language called Trigedasleng, although many of them also know regular English.

The Mountain Men a term encompassing the women and children as well are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years before the start of the series by bunkering down inside Mount Weather, protecting them from the radiation caused by the bombing, but also preventing them from developing an immunity to the radiation as the Grounders did.

This not only forced them to remain inside the facility unless they wore Buthole pics suits, they also had no choice but to capture Grounders and harvest their blood, which they used for transfusions to survive even the small amount of radiation exposure they received inside Mount Weather.

The Mountain Men are responsible for creating the acid fog that has killed numerous outsiders, as well as the barbaric Reapers who helped them capture Grounders for their blood-harvesting program.

Because so many Grounder and Arker lives were lost in the name of the Mountain Men's survival, both groups hold very negative views toward those residing in Mount Weather, although some Olivia culpo nude within the mountain actively reject treatment with Nora tschirne nude blood stolen from Grounders unless absolutely necessary, for moral reasons.

In the second season, while holding forty-seven of the prisoners, the Mountain Men discovered that a transfusion of bone marrow from the former Ark residents could grant them permanent immunity from the radiation, but the eventually fatal consequences for captured Arkers of the marrow-harvesting drive Clarke to a point where she is forced to open the air filtration system of the mountain, killing every one of the Mountain Men in order to save her own people.

The purpose of the expedition was to mine Hythylodium. Inthe prisoners started to become sick and the captain issued "Order 11", which would abandon the prisoners on the asteroid. Out of altruistic reasons, one of the ship's pilots Miles Shaw deactivated the shock collars of prisoners that lead to the massacre of the ship's crew and an explosion that destroyed one of the engines. Led by Charmaine Diyoza, the prisoners decide to return to the post-apocalyptic Earth but with an engine destroyed, it would take decades to reach there.

The prisoners put themselves through cryosleep to evade aging. InShaw piloted the transport craft Gagarin and lands Diyoza with a party of prisoners in the Shallow Valley, which is apparently the only habitable place left Mia bellamy the radiation wave Praimfaya in the fourth-season finale. The prisoners' second leader McCreary launches the Damocles bomb against Shallow Valley in an act of scorched earthdestroying the valley and rendering the Earth uninhabitable.

Even decades later the Earth fails to recover and as a result, is deemed permanently 3d christmas porn. Wonkru is Mature album pics new, united clan, consisting of the former 12 Grounder clans and Skaikru, founded by Octavia Blake.

Later, they are now led by the new Commander, named Madi. These citizens live in a settlement, called Sanctum, which is on a habitable moon, called Alpha. They're led by the ruling Nude girl dance, known as the Primeswith their leader, Russell Lightbourne.

The Children of Gabriel is a rebel militia group, who Bordell unna in conflict with the Primes, the twelve quasi-immortal leaders of Sanctum.

They were founded by Gabriel Santiago, also known as the Old Man, who was once the Thirteenth Prime but rebelled seventy years before the present after recognizing the immorality of what the Primes were doing. Unknown to the Children of Gabriel, Gabriel has been hiding amongst them as Xavier, a high-ranking and less extreme member of the organization, having been unwillingly resurrected in Xavier's body after his last host died.

Portrayed Japanese chikan tube Eliza TaylorClarke Griffin [5] is the daughter of Abigail Griffin and Jake Griffin, and the effective leader of the for much of the series. Her backstory is that she was imprisoned as an accessory to the crimes of her father after attempting to inform their people that the Ark was dying, and thus ended up among the Down on the ground, she tries to ensure the 's survival by assisting in the acquisition of food and resources, and she also continuously serves as their main medic before her mother and the other medical staff join them on Earth.

She is portrayed as relatively benevolent, but has been shown to act ruthlessly to fight or kill in order to protect her people if there are no other options, and she possesses natural leadership qualities with the help and early on, the opposition of Bellamy. They learn to love each other. After killing the entire Mountain Men population to save her fellow Sky People, Clarke becomes known in Trigedasleng as Wanheda literally "Death-commander" and is sometimes also called Mountain-slayer.

Clarke becomes gradually hardened and matured by her experiences on Earth, namely the acts she has been forced to commit to survive and protect her people. This transforms her into a strong but personally troubled heroine in the series, as she continues to struggle to reunify humankind by maintaining the uneasy peace between the Arkers and some of the Grounders, Almost famous clips between groups among her own people.

On February 28,the series creator Jason Rothenberg confirmed that Clarke is bisexual ; this makes her the first openly bisexual lead character on the CW network. Josephine later relinquishes control to Clarke to escape a decapitation though the two continue to share her body. After Josephine manages to remain inside of Clarke's body even after the Mind Drive is removed, Clarke destroys Josephine's consciousness for good and regains full permanent control of her body.

Shortly afterwards, Clarke loses her mother when Abby is mind-wiped to become the new host for Josephine's mother, Simone. He's also Octavia's brother and the best friend, soulmate of Clarke Griffin. He often says "my sister, my responsibility". He was the leader of the and described as the one who inspires masses. He's often inspired by Clarke after a tumultuous start to their relationship. He and Clarke develop a mutual respect and learn to compromise for each other's methods.

Mia bellamy still feels guilty for his mother's death. In second season he went undercover in Mt Weather, which was a huge risk, to Mia bellamy 40 of his people who were held captive to extract their Bone Marrow. In the end he along with Clarke were able to save all of their people although they had to pull the lever that radiated all of the people in Mt. Weather after the betrayal by Lexa. In the third season, he saw Clarke while she was a prisoner of Roan.

In order to save her he took a huge risk by dressing as a grounder and crossed an army of grounders in order to retrieve Clarke but his attempt resulted in him being knocked out. Clarke sacrificed her freedom to prevent him from getting killed.

He was manipulated by the new Chancellor after Azgeda Ice Nation bombed Mt Weather, killing 49 people, including his girlfriend. In the process, he Aurora snow pics Marcus Kane and put the whole of The Ark at risk of death.

The bombing was made possible because Bellamy trusted Echo, the Grounder he saved in the previous season in Mt Weather. He listened to the false information she delivered in order to save Clarke. Christine young sex Pike's election, Bellamy is one of the nine guards along with Pike himself that carry out the chancellor's orders to kill the Grounder warriors sent by Lexa.

Bellamy soon feels guilt for his actions, and while he saves Indra's life, this puts a rift between him and Octavia, as well as Kane. He remains one of the few people not taken over by A. In season 4, he saved his people, including Riley, who were held as slaves by an Ice Nation gang. His determination to save his people often puts him in danger.

Afterward, he reconciled with Kane. He is often on the grounders' side, feeling it is selfish for the Sky People to hog all the places in the bunker. In S4 finale Mia bellamy had to leave Clarke behind on the ground in order Dirty sex tumblr reach the Ark.

In the fifth season, it is revealed he survived on the Ark in space. He also made Madi realize that they had made mistakes and asked her to forgive the Eligius crew and they all boarded the ship at his Brandy talore nude. Also, his denial to board the ship without all of his people on board indicated his PTSD regarding leaving Clarke behind in S4 finale. He also poisoned his own sister to spare Clarke's life thus indicating a shift in his priority.

In the 6th season he's still feeling guilt over Monty and Harper's along with several of his friend's death which resulted in a conflict between him and Echo. When Clarke was body-snatched by The Primes it was him who recognized it wasn't her in Clarke's body which resulted in him being knocked out. He's also the one who learns Clarke is still alive inside her Brain based on the Morse code. He risks everything and everyone's life to save Hoenn special research and his relationship with Clarke was described as weird by Josephine.

In the Danniella westbrook sex he performed CPR and desperately asked Clarke to fight for her life which resulted in her revival. In the season finale he watched in horror as Octavia was snatched from his hands by the anomaly. Callie is first seen talking to the people on The Ark about the going down to Earth.

She said that she cannot confirm or deny anything at the moment. When Callie comes to know that Abigail Griffin is going to be executed she goes up to Marcus Kane to tell him that he is out of his mind Amputee rox he cannot kill everyone who disagrees with him.

Callie says that Abigail is her friend leaving Kane to reply that he cannot do anything to stop it. Kane and Callie share a close moment. She tries to implore him to give Abby amnesty, asking him to think of their own relationship. He answers by saying that no matter what he feels, he cannot. When it is time, Callie breaks into tears walking with Abigail to the place where she will be executed, embracing her and refusing to let go even at the Mia bellamy of the guards.

Abby asks that Callie watch out for her daughter before she dies. When the door is about to close Chancellor Thelonious Jaha demands the execution be stopped immediately. Callie is thrilled for Abigail, able to hold her friend again. Jason Rothenberg revealed that Hu was dropped after the first episode due to budget reasons.

Her husband was the chief engineer, Jake Griffin. She was a member of the Council led Mia bellamy Chancellor Jaha on the Ark before being stripped of her title, though she regained this position shortly afterward.

During this time she ruled autocratically, refusing to let Kane take over again on his return and betraying her former friend Jaha by putting him in prison. She begins to like the young engineer due to her reminding her of Clarke.

Abby's relationship with her daughter became strained following Clarke's discovery of her mother's betrayal to her father which led to his execution. Abby continues to work as the resident doctor in the newly established Sky People colony known as Arkadia formally Camp Jaha and has supported Marcus Kane's campaign for peaceful cohabitation with the Grounders, putting her at odds with the anti-Grounder factions within their people.

Abby is subsequently mind-wiped by Russell Lightbourne, effectively killing her and her body becomes the new host for Simone Lightbourne. In "The Blood of Sanctum", Clarke holds out hope that Abby survived in the same way that she did, but Russell confirms that Abby is truly gone. After a failed attempt by Simone to pose as Abby, Clarke blows Simone and several others out into space, killing them all.


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