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Their relationship went through another rough patch after the shootout at the bar. Maggie states she knows Glenn would go there and the group soon decides to follow the tracks. Simon informs her that Negan received her care package in the box which he gave to her. She watches Rick ride out in the truck. She is seen coming out of the farmhouse as Glenn sits on the porch with a guitar. The two then find Bob and continue heading towards Terminus. Maggie Lawson - ''Psych: The Movie'' Carol begs Paula not to hurt Maggie, revealing to her that she's pregnant.

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Write own comment! She tries to stand up and help Enid, whilst also screaming for Glenn to get to safety before he gets devoured. Maggie assists them in taking Hershel to the cafeteria, and is present when Rick amputates the lower portion of Hershel's right leg to keep the infection from spreading.

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He then resorts to a different approach, and orders her to take off her shirt. Maggie is in the common room of the prison, where Glenn reveals his plan to sneak attack Woodbury and execute The Governor, along with Michonne, and she then storms off. She cuts Alden's bonds and tells him to bury the dead Saviors.

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The next morning Maggie is gone by the time Sasha and Bob wake up and leaves them a note in the dirt telling them she doesn't want them to risk their lives for her. Maggie lashes out at Merle and wants him moved to another cell block, blaming him for starting the war between Woodbury and the group, but Beth holds her off. Gregory begrudgingly accepts the offer.

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Maggie tells her she is taking Glenn with her and kneels beside his body. Michelle grabs her gun and continues to question Maggie. The two later regroup with the rest of the survivors and discover that Jimmy and Patricia did not make it off the farm alive. Jesus enters and thanks Maggie for doing the right thing, but is disappointed when Maggie says she's only keeping them alive because she believes they are bargaining chips "They're alive because we might need them," Maggie said. She tells Michonne that Negan should have died under that tree and Michonne asks if this is what Glenn would have wanted. They end up in a large field where Negan taunts them over a public address system. Paula catches up and shoots at them.

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The next morning, Maggie tells Daryl that they gave Rick's way a chance, but it's time to see Negan, implying she is finally ready to enact her revenge against her husband's murderer. Or, Maggie and her convoy can head back to the Hilltop, unharmed, however, with the cost of one of their people's lives. In " What Comes After ", Maggie along with others watches in horror at Rick's sacrifice, believing him to be dead. After learning that Maggie was captured by Merle, Daryl willingly risks his life to save her.

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Rick's group continues to spray bullets at the Sanctuary, then retreats to their cars for evacuation. The walkers approach as Rick hobbles away. Enid guides her and Daryl to a root cellar to hide. Ariane Ascaride Katee Sackhoff nip rikki sixx twitter.

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