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She rubs it in a tickling manner that makes Cecilia giggles the whole time. She then changes the topic, saying that she should train Ichika in pinning techniques and that it's not like she won't help him. Retrieved December 10, December 25, Media Factory [26] May 23, Overlap [27]. Later, Houki asks why are they roommates, which Ichika doesn't know. Both Charlotte and Laura end up absent the following day. Laura, fainting, is suddenly consumed by her IS and transforms into a large dark mech that matches Chifuyu's fighting style. As Ichika screams, Laura wakes up and exposed the rest of her body, prompting Ichika to tell her to "put something on".

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Schwarzer Hase. Houki calls her sister Tabane, who reveals she has completed a personal IS called the Akatsubaki just for her. March 25, Media Factory [28] June 22, Overlap [29].

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You can help by adding to it. Houki holds Ichika's arm in a romantic moment. Houki comes back to sample it, wherein Houki is shown absent during class the next day. With the help of Shizune Takatsuki , they drag Lingyin by force towards the inn as she resists.

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Because of this, she developed romantic feelings for him and made him promise that if she became an excellent cook, he would become her boyfriend. Realpolitik : The real reason why they have been able to keep stealing I. Retrieved January 22,

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Chifuyu used to train her during the former's time in Germany, and initially despised Ichika for being too weak and causing Chifuyu's early retirement. However, Cecilia deliberately blows up the kitchen pot after Lingyin mentions that her electric stove is a slow burner. With her defeat imminent, Laura reminisce her past of being a failed genetically engineered soldier, until her first meeting with Chifuyu. Charlotte arrives and presents a girl with an eye patch wrapped in towel, which Ichika calls a "beach mummy". If you are not comfortable with us using this information, please review your settings before continuing your visit. Being curious, he touched it to his surprise, and to the surprise of the 3 female staffs who found him inside, the IS responded to his touch. Ichika and Cecilia are asked by Chifuyu to demonstrate basic maneuvers using their IS. Login Register. However, Laura resents Ichika upon learning that Chifuyu has shown her softer side because of him. The instructor tells them that they should settle the remainder of their battle in the inter-class tournament, Charles and Ichika agree.

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Hint Answer Ichika Orimura.


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Approved By IS Academy? They each ask Ichika and Charles to pair up with them, but Ichika apologizes and says that he's pairing up with Charles, making the girls walk away. Cecilia then proposes to walk her to the inn as she got "hurt". After the bomb was located, Lingyin, Charlotte, Laura and Kanzashi luckily disarmed it in time.

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They asked about Ichika's relationship with Houki, which he tells them that she's a childhood friend and that they went to the same kendo dojo when they were in 1st grade. Seeing that Ichika blushes at the sight of his sister, Charlotte asks if Orimura-sensei is Ichika's type. Later on, Tatenashi coaches Ichika to practice the circle rondo formation by flying around a red orb at high speeds, but he ends up crashing into the wall. With the help of Shizune Takatsuki , they drag Rin by force towards the inn as she resists.

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