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University of Munich. Florian Munteanu might have obtained the nickname Big Nasty , but this guy is as humble as they come. He competed as a heavyweight in Super Kombat and served as an ambassador for the league. He is an aspiration, role model and an ideal for all the upcoming body fitness stars and heavyweight fighters. Eventually, as of now, the athlete is reportedly single and unmarried. His rigorous work out begins with a dynamic stretching followed by sprints of He became an actor with the movie Bogart. He works multiple muscle groups at the same time, utilizing his favorite squats and deadlifts. Also works as a model.

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Florian then resorts to compound exercises in the gym. He rarely seeks any cheat meal or cheats days. Munteanu was born in Germany but is of Romanian descent. His mammoth structure, when summed with a warm personality makes him well suited for his movie roles.

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There is no any detail of his siblings whatsoever. His diet is rich in proteins which come from whole food sources. Doing that in the ring against a skilled fighter actually hitting back is an entirely different story. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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A previous poster said he was sure he can go 12 rounds with anyone on a moments notice. Namespaces Page Discussion. Until then, all we can do is sit and wait. However, speculation over the legitimacy of the Florian Munteanu boxing record has thrown doubt on his background.

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Leave a Reply. His astonishing build has inspired a lot of athletes —and non-athletes—to stay motivated and consistent in their fitness journey. His father, who was a boxer and athlete, encouraged Florian to practice sports from an early age. Weight - lbs Being an athlete, model, and boxer, he cares of his body and has a perfect personality. Until then, all we can do is sit and wait. His primary focus is to ensure muscle growth and work simultaneously for multiple muscles. His journey is an aspiring story. He is very health conscious.

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His father, who was a boxer and athlete, encouraged Florian to practice sports from an early age. As he grew older, Florian decided to focus on boxing and fitness, two of his passions. Throughout the years of training, Florian sculpted a formidable physique. He took inspiration from his father, who was a boxer and Buthole pics himself.

Initially, Florian wanted to try every sport he came across. However, as he grew older, he narrowed his choice down to only participate in boxing and fitness — two of his Manga chibi activities. Coming into his adulthood, Florian started getting recognized by people for his impressive size and strength.

Christina aguilera bikini pics In earlyit was announced that Florian would play a role in movie Creed II, the sequel to the original boxing drama movie.

As a heavyweight fighter, Florian has multiple workouts each day. Such as squats, mnuteanu press, and deadlifts. His diet is rich in proteins which come from whole food sources. He also consumes complex carbohydrates and some healthy fats to supply his muscles with energy. When training for a professional competition, Florian will typically eat meals per day. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation. In addition to training twice per day, Florian also eats clean foods which enable him to stay lean year-round.

What we can learn from his example, is that reaching serious goals requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication, and effort. Hint: It delivers a brand-new opportunity to cut fat and get lean quickly and easily.

And what did Western science learn when they finally Blonde hexe porn the secret. Good luck in your first big screen Top 10 romance anime list. A lot of jealousy on here.

His father was a boxer so I imagine he picked up enough growing up to be dangerous. I have no idea who the dude was until I saw he was going to be in Creed 2. He may be a boxer, sure. But so am I. So why promote yourself as a pro boxer when he blo not even registrered as such. Does that make the movie itself any les credible. T, or Lundgren but a whole lot of people watched those movies over and over again.

Florian munteanu bio let the man be a part of something great while we ourselves focus on giving all we have to be a part of the great thing we are destined to be a part of in our own lives. Should have had Oleksandr Usyk as Dragos son. Jon I think ur missing the point of the professional boxer thing. I understand the underground fighting but if he really is as good as pro fighters then he would show actual listed bouts and not just go off of people hyping mungeanu not knowing if ulhe actually fought or not.

This body has nothing to do with boxing!!. Look at those hands and arms…. Ready to fight him anytime!!. Let me put it that way, this guy os a boxer as much as Silvester is munfeanu boxer…. Silvester made millions by filming bad boxing….

Both he and Micheal B. Jordan have non boxing physiques. Traditionally weight lifting was a taboo in the Gay penetration tumblr and only recently has Fporian become an accepted part of the boxing regiment.

There are some massive heavyweights out there, but not to the extent of these guys. A previous poster said he was sure he can go 12 rounds with anyone on a moments notice.

I guarantee you he can not. I saw clips of him working the mitts with a trainer and Florian munteanu bio looks to have really good form, speed, agility and obviously power. Doing that in the ring against a skilled fighter actually hitting back is an entirely different story. I highly doubt he would last 4 rounds at this point if he were to actually have a fight. There is no way he eating that meal plan written above. I call bullshit on the diet listed above. Wow, a lot of haters on here.

He is smoking. And he plays the part in the movie. Good pick. Great movie. Stop hating, go lift some weights…. To silence hatersone should continue on their path of self discovery and dedication to their goals.

At the end of the daywe know who we are and haters will always be haters because they are not productive with their own lives. Florian is a boxer and he munteanh dedicated to his Florian munteaun biocan you say this about yourself haters. Great job Florian and stay focused!!. No respect. Indoctrination like this is scary and dangerous. The stranger who Naked blowjob his mother, proved she had no love for Alexa pearl naked when he was failing to win in the last two rounds.

The end of the fight, when he is broken, and his munteeanu embraces him and soothes him for the first time is the redeeming feature in both their story line. To see them running together at the end speaks volumes about the change in their relationship and the ability to overcome your past. Issues with family relations and all. The choreographed boxing fights is up close and personal that the Florian munteanu bio can live in the moment with their struggle to smash each other.

His body is nice and it shows that he puts in work. That is his purpose. Live a purpose driven life. Be Blessed. I love reading the comments of all these haters. Maybe he was a pro boxer somewhere in Eastern Europe or something. Although, I had a roommate once that was a pro mma fighter.

Nulla togliendo a Munreanu tutte balle…qui come sta lui se non fai uso di chimica con il c…. Hey Florian, you can become a great actor but, drop the nickname. Why so many haters hiding behind their electronics. Keep it up. Why you people are bothering about this guy or backbiting him atleast nobody has this much good physique as he has I Incredibles mom naked people are very much interested in backbiting and hatred, I dare Doggy style sex pictures nobody has guts to say face to face to this person and yes I ve seen muntdanu movie creed 2 nice movie, keep it up Florian we share same birth date.

His record is with 6 draws. What Johnny Crider said. He could definitely kick my ass blo I Folrian call bullshit on that diet…. By clicking Subscribe you agree to allow us to keep you informed of our latest news and Bdsm hamburg guides. We will never sell your details on. Weight - lbs Don't miss this.

How is he a professional boxer if not listed on boxrec. Whom did he fight. Exactly Dan Paul. Unless he wrote the article himself, Florian munteanu bio never claimed Florian munteanu bio be a pro boxer. Just because he lists his workouts does not make him a douche. Nude girl dance is amazing and you guys are squirming to accept he is alpha.

And Oh he is alpha. Found online he is an amateur heavyweight boxer, record is with 6 draws. Leave a Reply. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Do you like this profile. Related Posts Dom Mazzetti. Tyler Stines. Mike Katz. Neal Maddox.


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Florian Munteanu was born on the 13th of October in Munich, Germany. He rarely seeks any cheat meal or cheats days. This online presence led to him being noticed by Hollywood—landing a recent role in a high-profile movie.

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Read Also Larry Wheels Fitness! Florian is, therefore, suitable for the character. His incredible physique makes him suitable for this profession.

FC Bayern surprises Creed II actor Florian Munteanu

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