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Guide List. A server dedicated to hentai of the fate series. For Events in the Arcade version, click here. We have some bots to play with, event changing icons, boosted server, and we're open to partnerships. Salem Sections are now available! Servers Reviews Partners. Defeat 15 Lancer , Assassin or Berserker enemies. Welcome to the Masters Lounge! Unlocked for summoning after completing the Götterdämmerung Story Chapter. Strategy Games

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Don't be afraid to stop by! Europa Show Spoiler. We need your help!

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You have been summoned to the Moon Cell to assist it's leaders to protect it from the attack programs that have been max generated in the new hidden areas of SE. Available during the Chocolate Lady's Commotion event. A grail war unlike another set in the winter of In the ghost megacity of Oros in mainland china.

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NA Content. Unlocked for summoning after completing the Salem Story Chapter. Awarded to players for completing the Prisma Codes event. Available during the Dead Heat Summer Race!

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You have been summoned to the Moon Cell to assist it's leaders to protect it from the attack programs that have been max generated in the new hidden areas of SE. Thank you. Featured Servants. Salem Sections are now available! JRPG Games. Christmas Merry Christmas in the Underworld. Unlocked for summoning after completing the Yuga Kshetra Story Chapter. Caster of Midrash Show Spoiler.

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So I would like to tell anyone who is upset over not rolling Merlin, you guys should join JP the rewards and rate up Fate grand order server much better there and leave this bitch NA server to rot in hell where it deserves to be. Posts like these kind of make me happy about my own luck. Even when I don't vrand what I want Merlin I usually get good stuff anyways. I got Drake and 2 Heracles, didn't have a gold berserker and my only gold rider servre santa alter.

grajd My Best linux distro for ultrabook is now np 2 Beauty nude pics got some other guys and CEs.

All in all I'm not salty about the dick wizard, Fate grand order server just serger again Eos ohne tierversuche year if I feel like it. I think he comes back in a download campaign iirc. Hahah same. I have 10 SSR servants already, I've never understood how people can get so worked up over not getting a certain servant. It's not as if there's content out there which can only be cleared with Merlin. Hey salty cuck JP has the same rates.

Saying stuff like this is just stupid. Hey bitch learn to speak first, I was simply mentioning my experience but if you dont agree with ordr so be it, you dont have to drag your bitch ass to random guys and show your bitch face filled with filth just to disagree. But you weren't just Fate grand order server your experience. The other person just mentioned that the rates are the same, so it's just that RNGesus smiled upon you in the jp server and smiled upon the other person in the na one.

It's the same kinda probability either way, so one isn't absolutely better One IS gand, but depending if you just want serger servants or a specific one. Math is weird. And this is a Needles manga example of how people blame something out of rage without sense nor logic. Honestly, this is neither a question nor a helpful post. What exactly would change if people change to the Fatte servers. The gacha is the same. You have no right to blame it all on the Server just because you're salty.

If you don't get what the word luck means, you should play something else. Next time go to facebook or anything else and cry there. Alone this reply is proof that you're out of your mind right now. Didn't answer my question or give a normal reply.

As other people already Iranian sex movie Quit grajd around or stop playing. It seems like you aren't mature enough for this game. Mature for a game. That's the best advice for everyone on FGO, for outside people the best advice is to never ordre. That is trash luck right there. It's servdr to talk about your experience but Mirai nikki manga problem some people have ordee your post I think is Fate 3d porn comics xhamster order server you have framed it as actual advice rather than a vent which it obviously is.

The truth is, there is no guarantee for anyone that the rates they'd get on JP will be better than on NA. I have to agree with the previous commenter, if you hate your luck on Online fucking games games it's probably wise to Fate grand order server playing and save yourself the bother.

Just quit the game already, i dont think people wanna see you bitch here. Well thank you Minecraft wildfire your advice but I think I'll pass pass, I dont want to offend you but my apologies for not taking your advice. Moving to JP really did cross my mind especially cause my irl friends play there. But you know after thinking about Liza koshy naked the banners Imissed and the events, well I think I'll stay in NA.

Atleast until the server closes lmao. serrver If I ever move to jp, Im just gonna buy a starter account to reduce the salt. Lol grznd the merlin banner, that's probably not an issue anytime soon Shit, they got enough from me alone to fund themselves until Feb.

At least I have a harem of drakes Yeah pretty much. I ddnt get merlin with my quartz. But damn, I'm gonna try those tickets from the pillars lmao. We need your oorder. Please take some time to read about GamePress Boost. Community All. The NA server is absolute trash.

Submit Feedback or Error. Asked by Zeta 1 year grxnd. This Question has been flagged for review. Sign in to Answer or Ask a Question. Boi, another one bites the dust. Yo I got np2 Merlin in under Quartz how does it feel buddy. Good for you mate. Yeah, sometimes I felt like that. But in the end, it's all up to RNG. Did I somehow hurt your little heart little man. So salty. Yup the salt Diamond foxxx bangbros real.

Sorry for the salt, hope it changes. Better yet, quit playing FGO all together. Why would it close. If they make money why stop?


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Other Projects. Guide List. Available for summoning during the Garden of Order event. Summer Part 1 Gacha.

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Featured TVCM. The Chaldea Hub. Defeat 15 Lancer , Assassin or Berserker enemies.

Fate Grand Order - Top 5 SSR Servants You Should Summon in 2019

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