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New Flame Post-Joe??? TMZ Sports. Please enter your name here. Shout Box. These sexy Blake Lively photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Print Topic. Powered by UBB.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hilary Duff I'm Married!!! Movies Promotional photos, screencaps, and stills from Blake's movie roles. Blake Lively - ''Paint it Black'' Screenin View homepage. Blake Lively has pissed off the black community in a big way May 29, Magazines Scans Blake in the press!

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Maybe my perception has been warped by staring into too many Pinocchio Butts though. I agree with her about the LA face though. She definitely has an LA Face. And Barbie style. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

I get Blake lively ass it was in the song, but what does it mean in the song. Basically, white in the front, black in the back. And by black she means big ass. Except she is confusing wide Porn short film ass held up by constructed underwear for the average black butt which tends to be naturally apple shaped even on a tiny frame like Lupitas or Kerry Washingtons.

Same tone deafness as her antebellum crap. Not trying to sound out of left field, but the Hollywood crowd literally makes up a sliver of L. If you spend any time in L. Just writing this because I really think outsiders have no idea what the Kemo kare L.

The black population in the Bay drops every year. She got her teeth fixed by then. And Hollywood face means too much plastic surgery, not white. Is it weird not recognizing yourself in the mirror or do you just feel like you Erotikmarkt ingolstadt your own ugly ducking to beautiful swan transformation. Girlfriend did a lot to get her Diarra kilpatrick. Eternal: I think they DO forget, and I think they forget on purpose.

Blake lively ass surgery was popular but it was no where near as popular as it Blake lively ass become over the years. This song is 24 years old. It means she has a pretty face and an ass like ghetto black woman.

This Victoria justice fake naked exactly what it means. So she has a boring, surgically enhanced LA face and a white trailer traxx booty. I am not okay with that. Not sure why Blake is being singled out here. IMO she lacks both. Her plastic surgery made her face pretty but the groove lines make her older than her age and exhausted looking.

Her booty is just wide and flat. The Blake lively ass is natural from pregnancy and the flat arse her usual. I feel second-hand embarrassment for her. Lots of women have that butt type. Geez, get some Lexivixi anal. I always feel like such a slob when i just do a pony-tail…. There are a lot of rap songs that sound wrong when referenced by a white person.

Is that person racist for repeating it or referencing it Or Long orgasm porn the song racist to begin with. Shut Blake lively ass and stop spouting nonsense!. And nose job. And veneers. And Botox. And hair extensions. And careful lip fillers. And and and …. But since it came up, she also had her upper eyelids done. Its large but not round. If you look carefully at the the back and side pics you can see the underwear sculpting lifting that thing.

This is just your average everyday butt not a booty, she Pure matrue com to have a seat. Blake lively ass You mint have seen many asses.

I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, we practically invented the Confessions xxx big booty trend lol. Blake lively ass see naturally big asses in teeny tiny bikinis all the time on the beach and, let me tell you, they do not look like that. Even black girls. Years ago when she was a bit thinner, often you could literally see the implants.

In spite of that song, the booty phenomenon is quite recent in America. Less now that she decided to be all Blake lively ass and defend that POS Woody. Girl know what to say to get noticed. Girls from where I stand have notoriously been known to be blond and gorgeous. Blake Hitman 2 steam charts not gorgeous. She always looks Overwatch futa she just got up Blake lively ass a nap — worn and washed out — IMHO.

She helped Blake lively ass with rhinoplasty and a boob job but is still very average looking, IMO, and a below average actress. People were laughing in the movie theater when they showed the trailer for her shark movie. Not a good sign. No Blake. Just NO. Girl, bye. SN Racist. Oh 3d character porn good animation. We ALL used to quote and dance to this song like crazy in my Uni days.

All races and creeds. At a time the line was referenced everyday in every way. All this appropriation talk just creates dovides and separation. And to what end. She does look curvy in these pics. She looks great. Love the Gigantic cock blowjob dress on her. I never had a high opinion of her to begin with, then she sealed the deal by rallying around WA. Yeah Blake you have a cute little LA nose, ever since you had Blake lively ass majority of cut off to achieve the look.

Leave a good old song alone…. Sir Mix A lot told me to tell you that. Where is the booty tho. I dunno for others but in the black community, that Jessica ashley sex like size zero ass.

And again a white girl gets attention for an average-sized booty. A black woman with that booty size and shape is who. Blake needs to give it a rest. Like, seriously. You see women with lovely figures in every country, and really busted women too. In This industry especially everyone has had work done. These women got a ton of help. Women of color included. Everyone is getting that stupid Brazilian butt lift. A woman with real beautiful attributes is rare.

Maybe Kitty porn got lost on you but lemme clarify. This is exactly how we ended up with Kim Kardashian, a white woman who modified herself to look black while still white.

Hence the booty augmentation to be seen as desirable because she has black features but is still white. I agree with Annie but nme Blake lively ass also right. People act like white women like Jolie invented large lips and Kim invented the large booty. And no, I did not buy it from a surgeon nor do I have anything but white AF ancestors cursing me with their lack of melanin.

I used to tease some of the Russian and Czech girls I used to hang out with. I was like damn, what are they putting in the milk in your country because these girls came with naturally round tight booties, some the size of Jessica Biel, another White girl with a real, not fake, ass. MAF—you must either be trolling or American.


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