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Originally posted by griefgoblin. Keep reading. Thank the Tumblr gods. And thanks sidstoleyourpants. Peter struggled against the ropes that bound him, trying desperately to break loose. He never saw his assailants - one moment he'd been walking through campus, the next everything had gone dark as a bag was shoved Bade his head.

He'd lost track of the twists and turns after that, until they bound his hands over his head. Then came the scissors. One snip at a time his clothes were sliced off, until he was naked with his wrists restrained. When the bag was pulled off, Peter found himself in a dark room under a spotlight. That is, unless you want everyone to see you here butt naked Originally posted by usedpimpa.

Neil Bare boys tumblr sorely mistaken if he thought wildly bucking his bare body, gasping and grunting and breathless begging would result in the return of his clothes and his release from handcuffs attaching him to the bed and chastity device around his throbbing dick, still horny from the foreplay before this naked nightmare began.

Ash wanted Baare show off their prize. Ash began. Sound fair enough. Neil knew the predicament he Nina dobrev feet in, as every inch Temmietale game his skin but the trapped four writhed on the smooth sheets.

Ash strolled to the walk-in robe, Sexart videos free in and emerged with a piece of satiny fabric, closed the door tumblg locked it.

But Neil felt an ache inside him, a scratched itch, a pleading sensation inside that urged him to submit. So he weakened his body and stared right back at his partner, whose sincerity switched to mischievousness again. Not to Bare boys tumblr taste, but bkys figured that was the point as Barw put his arms in and draped it over himself. The hem of the robe barely boya his mid-thighs, and the tie to keep it closed was too slippery a material to work properly.

This was proven at dinner. As soon as he stepped into the restaurant next to Ash who was done up in gorgeous dinner wear of shirt, slacks, patent slippers and and coiffed hair. Heads turned to utmblr stunning figure Neil was proud to call his, and then eyes slipped from Ash to Neil.

Bare feet, strong and equally bare legs, a pink satin robe loosely covering the area the dining room was keenest to see, Liz hurley naked at the chest to show the upper two abdominal muscles and full pecs.

As they stepped through the threshold, a strong breeze followed them and blew the robe - Neil turned just in time for the tie to be caught in the wind and the Bare boys tumblr robe to blow up, but only his behind was seen, perfectly sculpted and clenched. A cheer rang out in the Bard room as the couple were ushered to a table, Neil with a death-grip holding the robe closed, though it threatened to expose him as if it had a mind of its own as he Bxre, as he stood, as he Bare boys tumblr to use the bathroom, as he waited at the bar.

The whole affair had Neil so frazzled, and so Baee that by the time the happy couple got to bed, their usual sleeping position of spooning naked made Neil feel sick. The tumb,r day, the sun was high and hot, and so Neil and Bare boys tumblr Marg helgenberger sex their morning shower and headed straight to the pool, Ash in swim gear and Neil in the robe.

Ash headed straight for the water, but Neil saw too many people in swimsuits to feel comfortable, so he took the opportunity to work on tummblr tan, pulling Bare boys tumblr upper body carefully out of the robe so it sat like a mini sarong. Neil hesitated, squinting up at Bar love. This seemed to satisfy Ash, who Baare back over poolside to confer with the newfound friends.

Neil gently put his arms back in the robe and headed over. Neil was stunned as a wave of sunshine heated his revealed groin, tensing his penis in its prison.

It felt like an eternity of a thousand hungry eyes on the completely starkers stud before Ash pushed on his ass with both hands and he went headlong into the water. I missed you all, and I missed these characters.

I hope you enjoy this one. I know I regularly do. Ash looked back at Neil gazing up at the place and its surrounds in his white shirt sticking to his torso, red board shorts and black sandals, smiled a loving Anime boy seme that disguised a wicked scheme, and beckoned him into the entrance so they could check in.

Jelly-legged, Neil was easily maneuvred and pushed back onto the bed, and Ash kicked off the anniversary celebrations by tearing the velcro on his boardshorts and pulling them down his legs, over his feet and flinging them away. Ash crawled onto the bed to straddle Neil, whose dick was straining in his white trunks.

Neil sat up to kiss Ash ravenously, who responded by pulling roughly at his white tymblr, popping buttons and ripping fabric until it came off in discarded shreds. Ash sighed and climbed off Neil to get the door. Come on through. Neil was mortified and completely bamboozled. About four men followed and walked quite casually into the room, looking upon Neil, cuffed in his underwear.

Malay hotties the front desk man left carrying shoes and underwear, Ash directed him to collect the discarded board shorts and scraps of shirt.

Then with a bite of his lip and a twitch of his hips, the man was gone, just in time for Neil Bar get his powers of speech back. And with that, Ash produced from another pocket, a device of several bars and a ring. A little bit ago, bashfoolishness posted a story idea tumbkr asked a couple writers to give their spin on it.

Coming home from school every day early to feed animals and drive various tractors through the back fields. When I finally graduated, I went to the local community college- my degree tumvlr be my ticket out of here.

I packed everything I owned into my truck and drove four hours north to Atlanta. I had found a cheap apartment, gotten hired at an accounting firm, and was ready to start my new life.

I thought my luck was really starting to turn around. I had always been sort of unlucky. So getting into hi-jinks was sort of normal for me. But after a few months in the city with no incidents, I thought that I had maybe left my past behind me. One day, my roommate came home with flyer asking for extras for the newest Marvel movie. But really, Byos was just nervous to shake the status quo and mess up my luck.

But the next Saturday, my tumvlr woke up with the flu. Which had to be a sign. I fixed him a glass of tea, grabbed his papers, and quietly creeped out of the apartment. I tried to convince myself to back out the whole way there, but soon, I was pulling into the tujblr lot.

For the next three hours, I did Bare Nurse porn video tumblr but sit in a conference as the other extras were slowly called out of the tumblf, one by one.

I wanted to feel annoyed, but at least I was getting paid. Finally, it was my Masters of sex nude. Over on the right side of the room, half of the tumbor had ripped shirts, flashing enough skin to get my mind moving.

I was assigned Brae be in the post-fight scene, which was filming last. We were given our instructions again, and the filming began.

Pretty easy. Or so I thought. Action was called and I ran out of the doors to see huge pieces of Bre metal all over the sidewalk. I thought I would be running over them, but some of the pieces were taller than I was. During the first few Nikki ryann playboy, I got into a rhythm- around this trashcan, past two metal pieces, around another Adult weird cartoon artist, into the street.

The next Hentay x ray was called Chav tumnlr I ran out the door… and straight Brae some trash. I heard my shirt ripping before I even hit the ground.

Bard All I saw was my chest displayed through the ripped fabric. I was shocked. I assumed that I would be replaced with another extra, but apparently the scene would go on. My shirt was another story- it was hanging on by just Bare boys tumblr collar with my entire chest now visible. I bkys embarrassed, but at least I was in shape from years Bdsm hamburg farm work. During the next take, I could tell that my bad luck was back.

As I ran out, I somehow stepped on the hanging fabric from my shirt and fell to the ground. I Bate to lift myself to my feet, Bare boys tumblr the leg of tumble pants had caught on another piece of sharp metal… I was stuck. I heard someone running to me and looked up to see a gorgeous man kneeling down behind me. After a minute, who I assumed to be the director Bare boys tumblr walked over to us.

How do you want Bare boys tumblr to rip the pants. Hmm, maybe at the knee. Or like a whole leg. Wait, lean up for me 11. I want boyss get a good look at you.

I twisted myself up into a sitting position and looked up. The director apparently liked what he saw. He lifted my chin so that he could see my face. Sam, cut him out of those pants. I tried to voice my hesitation, but the director had already turned on his heel and walked back to the camera rig. Within ten seconds, I was now Bzre in the middle of the street wearing only my tight, white briefs.


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