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Start a Wiki. Spider-Man continued to ignore her wishes and fought by her side. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. After laughing at him, she and the others informed Spider-Man that they had come to retrieve him. Once he defeated the villain, he treated her and the others with a low standard. Make sure this is what you intended. In season 3 after being captured by Dormammu her costume gets a major redesign. If the article or section is made to a reasonable length, please remove this template. As they regrouped with Nova and Power Man, they attacked the clones together and later, she punched Spider-Man on the shoulder after he defeated Electro. Despite their combined efforts, the five proved ineffective towards beating him and the Living Laser escaped.

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Shortly after her fight with Taskmaster, she sat with Luke, Peter and the others as Mary Jane announced that she had gotten an interview with Spider-Man. May 20, They confronted Nick Fury over it, with Ava stating that his suit had been throwing the group off in the field recently.

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The group was forced to go after Sandman, whom had changed into a large form and was making his way onto New York. Ava played volleyball with the rest of the team and easily dominated her allies, gloating after winning as well. Utilizing her heightened cat-like reflexes and over-all mobility, Ava has become a formidable acrobatic, allowing her to evade assault from enemies. As they regrouped with Nova and Power Man, they attacked the clones together and later, she punched Spider-Man on the shoulder after he defeated Electro.

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Though her powers can be used for her rare instances of being a solo act, they benefit greatly from the reliance of others. She's an acrobatic huntress with steel claws. She watched as Spider-Man struggled to gain control of his motorcycle and later questioned why Spider-Man could just web-sling the entire group before he revealed to her that his web shooters ran on electricity. However, a new problem emerged.

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Season 3. Being on this team isn't always easy because heroes are never off duty, but White Tiger can handle it. Some days later, she and Spider-Man tried to get Batroc the Leaper and were also together during some training by their new couch. She took on the mantle of the White Tiger and became affiliated with S. Former Powers. This article's content is suspiciously like some other page somewhere on the internet. As they flew off, she concluded that she hated the entire group. During a training session, Ava became rampant and attacked Spider-Man without hesitation. Ava and the others fought off the Green Goblin, her jumping over a thrown piece of the Helicarrier and stood with her team as Harry reunited with his mutated father. As they continued their four-on-four duel, Spider-Man arrived and aided the group.

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Agregarias pics de Ava en bikini negro ayaoa episodio de la cuarta temporada llamado Ava ayala nude Web". Gracias a BonesCollector por la referencia. Screenshots from Ultimate Spider-man, episod "Snow Day". Thanks to BonesCollector Avs the reference. The gifs at the end are from these sites: Ava ayala nude. Coonfoot 29 de marzo deBonesCollector 31 de Arena porn deKratt10 20 de diciembre deEdward 22 de diciembre de Ava ayala nude, Suscribirse a: Enviar comentarios Atom.


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As the group continued to stick their matters into Peter's personal life, Ava was in attendance with the others to Harry Osborn's party. Once they were detained, the four stood firmly and took responsibility for the catastrophe. From snow fun, hanging up decorations, and mischevious mistletoe!

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She gets straight As. Contents [ show ]. After Spider-Man went to retrieve it, Captain America returned and asked her and the rest of the group what had become of his shield in his absence. She managed to dodge an oncoming bus, which Power Man stopped from moving as Nova was hit.

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